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Thread: Entry Level Waders - Advice Needed

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    Default Re: Entry Level Waders - Advice Needed

    I am not up to date with all of the waders on the market but will add my thoughts. Unless you are the type of person who loses interest quickly in challenging things do not take your wader purchase lightly. The sweet taste of a bargain can quickly go bitter if the item fails. When selecting outdoor gear I have often delayed an acquisition in order to save up the funds so that I could get the most rugged items on the market. Haste makes waste is a saying that has earned its place in our culture. Rather to wait for one good piece of gear as opposed to throwing money at products that may disappoint you.

    Find a shop who sells quality waders and who will stand behind the product. In the past I have owned Orvis waders and when I had a problem the dealer was 100% behind the product. A good (successful) shop will be there for you if the seams leak in the first year. If you buy a cheap wader and only use them a few times per year by the time you discover they are not good they will be long since out of any warranty coverage that they may have have had. Good waders should give you 6-8 years of service unless you really tear them up.


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    Here is another thread on waders.

    Value priced waders and boots?

    I'll still go with my L.L. Bean emerger bootfoot.

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    If you aren't comfortable walking across rocks in a fast moving current, then buy neoprene waders, or waders that aren't baggy and can be fastened at the top. That way if you fall in the water you won't fill up and sink to the bottom. Happened to me when I was 12 in the middle of the Gallatin River in the canyon. It was a horrible experience, ever since then I only wear waders that are either neoprene or tight enough not to let any water in if I go down.

    If you are planning on fishing water that is low and not usually too cold, just rock neoprene socks and fishing boots. That's how I fish the majority of the year, and I am in Montana where the water is usually pretty cold.

    When I use waders I always use Simms, granted the simms shop is only a few blocks from my house, so I might be a bit biased.

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    Default Re: Entry Level Waders - Advice Needed

    I bought a pair of Simms freestones and I really like them. I fish a lot and beat them up pretty good. I recently had to patch them after about 18 months and the seal has held perfectly. I will buy another pair once these are shot.

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