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    Default Re: Out Gunned - Bad Feeling

    Quote Originally Posted by fq13 View Post
    Actually I have been fishing. I am halfway to my captains licence, but honestly? I feel like a con artist. Fishing in the glades (South of Naples) sucks. The red tide killed the the fish, shrimp and crabs and the nitrates killed the sea grass. There are no fish. I don't feel right charging $300 to maybe catch a seatrout. Frankly it is depressing as hell. I do have a funny story about my first foray into kayak fishing and why being in a eight foot yak with ten foot gators is a bad idea, but honestly.... If you want snook, I got three of decent size on the fly and another few throwing gear in six hard months of fishing The rest were small, even off the passes.. They are there if you want to live bait and live chum, but that is not my bag. Honestly I am about to up stakes and move to somewhere between Alabama and Galveston. No joke, this was a very depressing year. I have never caught fewer fish than this year since I was a kid in the seventies. The state even closed the season for red fish from Naples on north. It just sucks.
    That does sound rough. I hope you stick around. I was pleased to see my old friend's forum handle pop up. You make the place a little more chill whenever you are around. Not taking one's self too seriously is a virtue on the internet.

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    Default Re: Out Gunned - Bad Feeling

    Quote Originally Posted by cooutlaw View Post
    My apologies. After 35+ years of guiding and fishing I assumed I knew what I was talking about, obviously though, I'm not worthy to be in the midst of your fishing greatness, because you are the only angler I have EVER known that has landed +/- 30" Trout and 8 lb Wild Brown's on stream gear and not seen or been close to seeing their backing - you have indeed one upped them all. Particularly on places like the MO in MT where 60-70 feet of your line might already be out on the initial presentation, and a 25' run puts you into backing. Unless you are fishing in the tank at Cabelas to accomplish these great feats, you should make videos and write books on how to sedate trout with early hard fight and bring any 30" Trout to net in 3 minutes or any event, again, my error for believing that backing was there for a reason.

    ***And this....fair readers, is precisely why wannabe, confrontational, know it all BS'rs commonly displace so many worthy forum members unwilling to entertain their ongoing scribes of fantasized accomplishments. Perhaps we could all just join in a standing ovation and they would all feel better about themselves and stifle the need to inflate their egos with sensationalized expertise.

    Tight lines folks !....I'm going on hiatus.
    I have caught some very large trout and salmon that simply did not want to leave their pool or did not take my small fly and light tippet seriously and just bull dogged about till they tired. And I've caught 18" trout that turbo'd their way into my backing in a flash. If one fishes #'s 4, 5 & 6-weight trout tackle on larger rivers with wild fish that have room to is going to have the pleasure of seeing his colored string occasionally. There is an actual reason I fashion those double strand 50 twist Bimini's in my backing to loop to the reinforced fly line rear loop. No, trout are not false albacore where virtually every fish zooms out backing but it surely does happen...I'm sincerely hopping it happens to me soon.

    Since we were talking about reels with drags or not, I have a friend who is funny and when some angler tells him a tale he finds improbable he exclaims, "Please, somebody, PALM MY RIM!"

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    Default Re: Out Gunned - Bad Feeling

    Peace man, I mean no harm.
    Last edited by fq13; 06-13-2019 at 12:30 PM.

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    Default Re: Out Gunned - Bad Feeling

    Quote Originally Posted by cb3fish View Post

    You can't blame me for getting pissed off at Larry.

    It really pisses me off when somebody passes judgement on me...I see somebody called the guy a "candy ass" I didn't see that guy get screamed at...The problem is Larry was wrong and just isn't man enough man to admit it.. and we all know what Larry can do with my Membership!!!!!!!!!!!CB

    I have restored your last post, I did not see it prior to your editing it but your meaning remains clear even after editing.

    By now you should have figured out that we maintain a friendly atmosphere on the NAFF and it is incumbent on all of us to respect the foundation that we have built the forums on.

    It is a violation of our rules to call someone out over a fishing report on the public forums. Further, when you are warned by the administrator to stand down and you publicly respond in a negative manner then you will get my attention. One thing for members to understand is that what a moderator says should be considered the word and I stand behind Larry & JP always.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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