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Thread: Golden Rainbow

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    I've seen a couple of Palomino trout before in NC and PA. Yes they are products of specialty breeding, freaks, and stand out like a sore thumb....both from predators and anglers alike. In the wild I would see natural selection would have never allowed this trait to proliferate. They simply don't have a chance. But I'll be darned if I couldn't catch one.

    I've visited Fisherman's Paradise in State College once. There's an adjacent hatchery there and it had several raceways full of them. It is a sight to behold.......

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    Caught one in the Truckee river in Reno down from the Casino campground . Pretty nice looking trout .
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    Feel the same about them as I do about all hatchery fish.

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    Have caught many Palaminos here in SE Pennsylvania, several long term survivors to 18". Always released so another angler could brag to his buddies about the "rare" Palamino he caught with his superior angling
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    I have caught quite a few here in IDAHO. Fishing in a small creek that had regular bows & palominos I learned how far a trout would go to take my nymph, sometimes as much as 4 to 5 feet. Could only see the palominos do that , very interesting.

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    And here I was thinking that we were talking about Golden/Rainbow hybrids that we have the Sierra. I caught about 100 of them last weekend in some thin blue line that wanders thru a small meadow.
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    Does this count??

    North Platte.jpg
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