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Thread: Fly maintenance

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    Recently I posted about pretreating flies with floatant and received many helpful replies (thanks to all). That got me thinking about fly maintenace. I clean my lines, occasionally lube a reel, check the guides on my rods, but what about flies. I must have several hundred of them, and when you think about it that's quite an investment.

    We're still waking up to negative temperatures here in Minnesota, so I've got time to clean them or whatever. Does anyone do fly maintenance and what do you do...or is this just overfunctioning?
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    Leave 'em alone. You could steam a few back into shape but it's usually not needed.
    Always let your flyboxes "air-out" after fishing, to avoid rusting the hooks.
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    It's funny you mention this Gator.
    I brought my boat bag that houses all my fly boxes in yesterday with the intention of sorting through all the boxes and steaming any flies that may be a bit deformed.

    I recently bought like 15doz flies (It was a really good buy on some 'Rainy's' flies@ $7 a dozen) and need to find a spot for them in the mess, now I just need to take an objective look at some of the flies that I never use and remove them to make room for the others. lol

    As far as cleaning your flies. Frank had a great suggestion last Spring in another thread about 'Steaming' them, and that was to put a few in a mesh strainer and gently shake them above the steam. Be careful though, that steam can get very hot and burn poly wings or damage delicate feathers such as CDC if you get too close.

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    Well, what works for me is fastening them to the end of the tippet, then casting them into my favorite clearwater trout stream. Makes sense to me because heck, have you ever noticed how clean trout are?



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    The only thing I do, is make sure long feathers and bucktaul isnt cureld up and open my boxes for a couple hours after a trip to keep things from rusting.
    As for over winter stuff, I have nomaly lost most of them and have re-ty everything lol

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