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Thread: East Branch rods

  1. Default East Branch rods

    Does any one have a rod made by a company called east branch fly rods?
    I picked up a 3 pc 8 wt. I fished it quite a bit last year for smallies.
    This rod is one of the best rods I have used. It has a nice med/fast progressive
    It has internal ferrules and a forrest green color to the blank.
    From what I heard the blanks were his owned hand rolled blanks.
    Any info?

    Thanks Brian

  2. Default Re: East Branch rods

    East Branch Rod Company was a small custom graphite rod manufacturer that went belly up their rods are highly sought after and are excellent rods hang on to it and be gentle cause it cant be replaced I wish i could find more info for you on the company but what i have found says high quality and hand made
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    Default Re: East Branch rods

    This is a pretty old thread to bring up, but I just picked up an East Branch blank and was wondering if anyone had any photos of factory East Branch rods that show the hardware and wrappings. Thanks.

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