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  1. Default Looking for a new reel

    Any suggestions on a new reel? I've been looking at the G Loomis East Fork reel, and it feels really nice. Not looking to break the bank on a reel. I just purchased a Sage FLi 590-4, and am looking for a good reel to compliment it.

    Any suggestions?

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    I like that one too..but I bought an Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor instead.
    If you want bullet-proof..check out the Pflueger Trion.
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    Default Re: Looking for a new reel

    I too have the Sage fli 059; I just added an Orvis mid arbor -they're running that special where you get the second spool at no charge. Since I like carrying a floating line and a sink tip, it worked out great.

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    Default Re: Looking for a new reel

    I have my Fli 690-4 paired with a Ross Rhythm size 2. It is almost a little light for this rod, but something in that range might work great for your 5 weight. You can still get them on closeout or online auctions if you search hard enough. Same with the Cimarron. I had an Orvis Mid Arbor for a while - I loved the reel's performance, but it was pretty heavy. If you don't mind reels that are cast rather than machined, the Lamson Konic has a great drag and is very light. Ross makes the Airius - it is not made in US and comes under the Ross Worldwide label but it looks really light and sturdy for under $200. I also saw that Cabela's now has a reel that looks just like the Rhythm and is about $200. There was an earlier discussion as to whether or not Ross was making this reel for Cabela's because it is made in US. I don't have that answer, but it looks really tight and the drag looks top knotch. If you don't want to shell out $250 - $300 you are probably going to have to sacrifice something, but there are lots of great reels out there for this rod.

    Do you like the faster action on the Fli? I don't know what you used to fish with, but I have always had medium to medium-fast before my Fli. Also, I love the finish. Some don't, but I think it looks really cool in the sunlight.

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