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Thread: Carry On Rules

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    What are the rules for carrying on a fly rod when flying? The airlines seem to be inconsistent with this. Are fly rods allowed as carry ons anymore?


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    I believe the latest issue of Fly Rod & Reel magazine has a pretty good article about carry ons. I just glanced at it at the book store. Seems reels (with lines) are banned, as are any type hooks. The reel caught my eye, they said there was enough fly line and backing to tie up a whole flight crew.
    And hooks are considered weapons. Can't you just imagine trying to attack a 200 lb person with a #24 dry fly? Anyway, you might want to check the book store and the article. It appears different airlines have different understandings.
    Don't try to take your favorite knot tying tool with the clippers and hook eye cleaner point.

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    Generally there is no problem flying a four piece rod, without reel, as carry on. But like a lot of carry on rules today, a lot depends on who is working the security check point at the time you pass through. I have gotten flack about metal rod tubes, like from Winston and the Orvis T3's. Other times I have only gotten the comment "wish I was going fishing."

    Flying out of Canada, they apparently have the procedure of stopping you, getting a supervisor and then hand checking everything again if you have any unusual carry on items. They for sure will not let you carry on line, leaders or backing.

    The best solution I have found is to purchase one of the new rolling duffels that have a dedicated space in the bottom to hold several four piece rod tubes and check it as luggage. Orvis and Cabela's both have luggage with this feature now.

    One other solution is to Fedex or UPS your equipment to the lodge or hotel ahead of your arrival and arrange for a prepaid pick up after you leave. This also offers better insurance coverage than hassling with an airline if something is lost.

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    Yes, l aggree with the last post, if you are going to take a good amount of tackle ship it to your destination via, Fed ex or UPS.

    I know of a number or persons who have lost equipment during the internal bagage checks, for one reason or the other. And under those circumstances you do not have much chance with the airline co for coverage of your loss. Worse of course, is that you do not have it when you arrive at your destination.

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    I also recommend shipping your rod in advance via FedEx (Davy knows why). You can ship it two day for less than half the price of overnight and the FedEx tube is free! (they're actually triangular, but they're damn tough)

    I think the airlines would be in better financial shape if they didn't have to pay all the claims from the damaged freight their employees smash.

    Those who do nothing but move freight realize they have to treat the freight well!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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