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  1. Question Tying material purchasing

    I'm very sure we may have had some type of discussion previously as to where everyone buys their supplies for tying up your fish catchers.

    I, for one, had been a local fly shop purchaser until this past December. ( Oh, don't worry I still visit & support my local shop. ) Nearly every item I had down at my bench came from that shop, or I obtained the "natural" items from hunting. I got wind of a material supplier via the internet & visited the website. ( I purchased a "Christmas Box" from them & when I opened it I was overwhelmed at how much stuff was in the box. I'm guessing that I paid only about 10% of what those same items would have cost at the shop.

    Have any of you run across this same situation ?
    Have you gone totally internet buying, or only part way ?
    Might this situation cause local shops to have trouble ?

    What are your thoughts ?

    Tie One On

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    I haven't, but tell me more about the BOX. Was it stuff you ordered or a grab bag so to speak?

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    I don't like the internet for tying supplies. I've gotten too many items that weren't up to expectations.
    I try to load up at the winter shows where you can find good bargains and still closely inspect what you're getting.
    (which I did this past weekend )
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    I also like to buy local when they have the material I'm looking for. Quite often I have to resort to the internet and like you have I bought some stuff from the dungeon. They have a limited supply of stuff, but what you do buy comes in very generous quantities for the price. Definately worth looking at their site. What usually happens in my case is that I read about a new fly pattern and of course it uses some material I have never seen before and again the local shop won't have it so I resort to searching the internet to find the material. I don't know if this will cause the local shops any long term trouble or not but from their point of view I can see where it would be impossible to stock all of the different tying materials that are out there today (unless of course you happen to be Charlies Fly box in Denver).


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    I don't have a fly shop near me and order all my stuff over the web. Flytiersdungeon is a great place to get good deals on materials and fly boxes. Service in the past has been slow, but has improved quite a bit in the last 6 months. I got a huge patch of the best spinning deer hair at a very low price from them. The bug wraps and legs alive are excellent also. Only problem is there is little advice as to how to use some of the materials and you have to be willing to experiment. That said, it is an excellent souce. I also use He has excellent prices and very fast service. His website has excellent tutorials also. Hope this helps,Frogge.

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    Tie One,

    Generally I like to be able to examine the feathers or whatever in person but will make purchases of entire skins via the web.

    Silver and Amherst Pheasant are a couple I buy all the way from Europe. Argus pheasant is another hard to find item and I buy online. If you are just looking for dry fly hackle I would say always examine it it person.

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    Hi to all,

    I have bought a bunch of fly tying stuff from Feather-Craft and Kaufmann's before I had the Internet. I have never been disappointed with their stuff. I started buying from them back in the 70's when I started to tye and lived in Alaska. I bought from them because I didn't have the knowledge to judge good caps or fur and they did. They are more expensive but I use their stuff to educate me about what was good and what was junk at my local fly shop.

    It is hard to go wrong with feather today if you buy Whiting or other well known breeders. The quality of the feathers today are so much better than what you could get years ago due to genetic breading.


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