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Thread: Wet Cameras

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    I nearly lost my camera in the drink last time I was fishing. My high tech method of keeping it dry includes two zip lock bags. Anyone come across anything brilliant/inexpensive/cool to keep a camera dry?

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    Dont let it get wet in the first place Three years ago I took the girlfriend to Yosemite for Turkey Day. Go to get pics of Bridelveil falls and she hands me the camera. Well it slips out of her hands and right down a boulder into a the stream.. I wasn't a happy camper!!! Wound up getting no pics of that weekend, but when we got home I took out the batteries and memory stick and let it dry out. Camera still works to this day but I do have to reset the date every now and then.


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    They make some nice housing's depending on what type of camera you have but the housings are nearly the price of new water proof camera. There are some zip lock type cases as well which are cheaper but I have never tried using them but here is a link for you.

    Camera and Video Cases

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    I'm feelin' ya.

    Last Spring, before I was a fly fisherman, I went with a bunch of guys to this place to fish for the weekend. Ya know, one of those, drink, fish, drink, pass out, fish and drink some more weekends. Anywho, I managed to catch this huge (huge for this area) 24" rainbow. I fought that fish for 20 minutes on an ultralight rod with 4lb test. He ran 75 yards downstream and I horsed him back to me. Almost got him netted and he took off again UPstream, right in front of one of my friend's father. I finally netted him, got him to shore and asked my friend's dad to take a pic. Man, that was a nice fish.

    Later that afternoon, I had the camera in my upper vest pocket and slipped on some rocks. Got my ass wet and just barely got the pocket wet. I let it dry out overnight...guess what picture was go it.

    BUT, I did have a witness to the catch...thankfully. Funny thing was that I caught him on a Black Gnat spinner fly....
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
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    I have the Olympus stylus and its been in the water a couple times and still works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggie View Post
    They make some nice housing's depending on what type of camera you have but the housings are nearly the price of new water proof camera. There are some zip lock type cases as well which are cheaper but I have never tried using them but here is a link for you.

    Camera and Video Cases
    Good Info .. Those cases work..... Last year I was in the Bahamas & I was taking pictures of my buddy & all his fish & he was taking photos of me & mine. On the last day he went to put his camera inside his shirt & it wasn't tucked in. He looked down & saw it in 3' of water. He couldn't get the pictures off of it so all we have are the ones I took of him. When we got back we both went out & got waterproof cameras. If you spend a lot of time on the water it's worth the price. The next time you need a camera go look at them. Another option is one of those disposable waterproof cameras. Just carry it when you go on the water........

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    I lost two cameras to the water in the past two years. My son was kayaking
    in some rapids while I was fishing on the Delaware. He paddled over to where
    I was standing, and I jumped onto the deck of his kayak. After sitting in 18" of water laughing, I finally realized that I was wet wading, and my wallet, phone, and camera were all in my pants pocket!

    Last Fall, I was wading pretty deep, and decided to go deep enough to get
    the bottom pockets of my vest wet. It took about 30 minutes before I remembered that my replacement camera was in one of those lower pockets!

    When we sail, I try to keep handheld electronics in a dry pouch, but I've
    never put anything to the test. I guess with fishing, keeping the camera in
    a clear pouch designed for cameras, along with keeping it as high on your
    body as possible might help.

    The absolute best bet is a waterproof camera, but that gets pricey.

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    Naturally, your best bet is an underwater camera. All things considered, your next best solution is what you're already doing (ziplock bags) - it doesn't get any cheaper and it's pretty reliable, too. The problem is getting the camera operational without a lot of fumbling... and then more fumbling to get it back into the bag(s). The housings I've seen are too cumbersome and/or bulky to merit serious consideration. Of course, that's a personal opinion - I've seen a few fellow fly fishermen who appeared to be in training for a career as a pack mule.
    As for myself - after attempting various solutions (including the one you employ), I've come to the decision that, for the sake of speed and convenience, I will carry/use my camera 'naked' as it were, with the almost certain knowledge that, eventually, I will take a bath with it . And when that happens, I will cuss a streak fit to defoliate the streamside vegetation, and then go out and buy a new camera, maybe even a waterproof one.

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    I have a dry bag. the kind you roll down the top and buckle it, there are tons of differnt kinds out there. Its saved my phone and or camera many times. One of the best 10 bucks i've ever spent.

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    Save up and invest in a waterproof digital.
    You can get them fairly cheap if you settle for rebuilds or obsolete models.
    I have an old Pentax WR-33 that has seen a lot. It takes great pics and fits right in a vest pocket.
    Being quite the considerate hubby, I bought my bride an Olympus waterproof last Christmas. I still lean towards the 'old school' Pentax, better macro fly pics by far and much easier to carry.
    Check 'em out! For the price of a couple dunked cameras you could get one you wouldn't worry about on stream.

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