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    Hello, I just purchased a 10wt Sage TCR rod. I will be using it for mostly Pike and Musky throwing tarpon, barracuda flies, and big topwater poppers and divers. I'm looking at getting a floating line that can load the rod pretty good. I have been looking some lines from scientific american, and I also saw that sage had a fly line for the tcr to help it load.

    Any suggestions for cold to moderate temperature fly lines that is pretty good for distance?



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    I have never cast the rod you are using but the rio outbound series lines have a heavy short head that is alot heavier than a standard 10wt line. I use a very fast action rod and it loads very nicely with 1 backcast and will throw just about any fly, I use a lot of flies around 8" or longer for stripers and i can get good distance even into the wind.

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    Can you try a few with your rod and the flies you throw? I think a lot may depend on your casting stroke and how much line you like to carry in the air out of the tip before release. You may also want to consider overlining with an 11 weight line.

    In addition to the SA Pike Musky line in Rowdy's link, specifically designed for the fishing you do, you might want to try some of the lines that are used for throwing big flies here in the NE for striped bass to see if any might be a good fit for your stroke:

    Wulff Triangle Taper (Bermuda triangle) especially with overlining to an 11 weight. Not as popular as a lot of other lines, but a lot of hardcore guys that spend a lot of time in the water from boats like this a lot.

    Airflo 40+ Ridged Cold Saltwater floater in 10 or 11. A very popular line here.

    Rio Outbound "10 weight" has a 37.5 foot head with a weight of 425 grains

    Rio Outbound Short Head is designed to load quickly with just a short amount of line (30 feet) out of the tip for long casts with a head weight of 435 grains for the "10 weight" line. Great for snap casting big flies in wind when wading and or if you don't want to carry a lot of line out of the tip, pretty much a shooting head with integrated running line.

    These Rio lines used to have some tangling issues in the running line, but they’ve increased the diameter to address that in their newer lines out in stores since July 2008. These lines are overlined already for the label since a standard AFTMA 10 weight is 270-290 grains.

    Hope this helps. There are so many choices out there it's really confusing and less and less shops out here that you can find to let you try casting different lines out back before you buy. I'm trying to settle on a few new lines myself and keep going around in circles. Good luck!


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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. All I have in my area is basspro and cabelas, and they don't have any demo reels with line to try out.



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    I put a Sharkskin on my 10wt Scott s3s after my intermediate line got damaged while albie fishing---It was very impressive! It did everything well and gave me a few extra feet of distance.
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