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    Default How is the fishing in Montana in mid to late October?

    Basically as stated above. How is the fishing in Montana (probably Bozeman area, but open to others) in mid to late October?

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    Default Re: How is the fishing in Montana in mid to late October?


    " October
    Like to swing for the fences? Don't have a picture of a truly monster trout on your desk? October is the time of year to go big or go home. The browns start getting aggressive as they prepare to spawn in early November. As a result, large fish that have been either too smart or too hidden the rest of the summer suddenly become less wary and more aggressive. A lot of big fish also run out of reservoirs and into rivers like the Madison river and Upper Missouri river allowing a few lucky anglers to tangle with 10-15lb. browns each fall. Fly fishing the Yellowstone river also produces massive browns during the fall run. Catch rates aren't necessarily any better than other times of the year, in fact they are sometimes lower since we often are purposely targeting trophies with big flies. The rivers are nearly empty because lots of us locals are chasing hoofed critters in the hills and the tourists have gone home for the summer. This is a beautiful time to fish with snow on the peaks and yellow leaves on the aspens and cottonwoods. I love hitting the Upper Missouri near Townsend this time of year trying to catch some of the 22-30 inch browns and rainbows that run up out of Canyon Ferry.

    During some years good fall fishing extends into November, and other years winter arrives around Halloween. We don't recommend booking trips between November and March because the weather can get pretty nasty. We do have great winter fly fishing on the Gallatin river and the spring creeks on nice winter days and we actually do quite a bit of fishing in the off season so don't leave your rod behind if your travelling our way for a ski or snowmobiling trip. The fly fishing near Big Sky is especially productive where a series of springs enter the river keeping it ice free."

    Montana Fly Fishing Seasons | Montana Angler

    Streamers and Midges are your best bet for fly patterns and be prepared for snow and really cold weather...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Default Re: How is the fishing in Montana in mid to late October?

    Planettrout's post is spot on. Big fish can be caught in mid to late October. Weather can be nice or horrible. Crowds are about gone. In other words, iffy but can be very worthwhile.

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    Default Re: How is the fishing in Montana in mid to late October?

    Personally, I would rather fish here in Montana in September or October than any other month. Unfortunately for me, September and October are usually dedicated to big game hunting. However, I always throw in some small stream fishing during hunting season and, despite my love for big game hunting, I always schedule a couple of weekends fishing the rivers.

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    Default Re: How is the fishing in Montana in mid to late October?

    I have gone to fish the Madison in Sept the last five years, I'll be back this year. I've had it snow and I've had tee shirt weather ... as I like to say, the first thing you must do is show up!

    Here's a listing of Kelly Galloup's Streamer School Schedule ... that might give you a hint about the fishing on the Madison.
    First Session: Sept. 19th-22nd
    Second Session: Sept. 26th-29th
    Third Session: Oct. 3rd-6th.
    Fourth Session: Oct. 10th-13th.

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    Default Re: How is the fishing in Montana in mid to late October?

    It's horrible; small fish if any, freak snow storms, generally miserable. Best to stay home by the fire!
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