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Is there a pattern to you liking vs thanking for a post?
Yes, I tend to "like" posts that follow a train of thought I'd had posted if I'd responded. Often I don't respond if I think a previous poster got close enough.

I usually like all posts that respond to my o.p. if they stay on topic. It's just a common courtesy to acknowledge that someone took the time to respond to you and yes, I could use the Thank button instead. But old habits die hard.

I "like" informative straight forward first round posts, but seldom those follow ups that expand into minutia and rarely do I thank or like anything that's loaded with excerpts, links or vids. I'm looking for new ideas - your ideas and a mind at work.

As far as tying, how to or acquisition posts, I'll "like" those where I understand the commitment it took to acquire the skill or object.

The thanks that I dole out are usually for generating a topic that doesn't come up everyday or raises a question that makes me reconsider a long held belief.