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    Hey y'all,
    I had the tv on and saw this video on sportscenter last night. I'm sure many of you have seen it, but for those who have not, you need to. It was a great video and very touching. Fly fishing as a therapy for fallen soldiers. I don't know and don't care about your stand on whether we should be there or not, we are, and we need to support our troops 110%. The video just motivates me more to get through school so I can actually help these men and women who have been injured fighting for our freedom and this great country. Hope some of you see it the way I did.
    Project Healing Waters
    God Bless y'all,

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    Should have put this link on there as well... I just found it and figured if anyone wanted any other information on this, here is the link.

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    My local flyfishing shop sells Project Healing Waters rods. Looks like a good rod. It definately is for a good cause.

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    I went to Tie Fest in Maryland this weekend and they had a booth set up with shirts hats and rods so I bought a shirt from them, and i also got my wife a casting for recovery hat. Both are very good causes

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    Guy's and gals, on one of my favorite forums- The Fiberglass Fly Rodders, we are in the process of building a glass rod. It will go on e-bay for auction and the proceeds will go to Project Healing Waters.

    One member (mountainshark) donated a Lamiglas Spring Creek fiberglass 4w blank and a root beer agate stripping guide.
    The rod was then sent to another builder (Gypsy) which in turn made an amboyna reel seat that he installed.
    He reamed out and put on a rattan half wells grip (which another builder- Evanslmtd- made). Did some feather work then sent it to me for guides.
    I got some Snake Brand guides, wound some Gudebrod Candy Red thread on them. I then shipped it to Mike McFarland for the agate guide install and the inscriptions and epoxy coating.
    When it gets done, I'm hoping someone will stimulate the economy and buy it for an outregeous sum of cash.
    Can I hear an AMEN.
    This is for all the great soldiers out there that sacrificed something and it's just a little something from us in return.
    Here's to you soldiers.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    AMEN God Bless America

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    Default Re: Project Healing Waters

    Mojo......good work! Amen to our soldiers!

    Any chance of posting some pics when the rod is completed, sounds fantastic!


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    When it gets done, I'll get something out. I think Mike's going to take some pictures of it. I'll post all the info here when I get it.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    For those of us who wanted to, but couldn't serve, this is a tiny way to give just a little back to those who served.
    We've tried working through a couple NC vets hospitals but it's hard going through the local bureaucracy. The classes we have held really seemed to bring a bit of cheer and a break in the monotony to those confined to the hospital.
    Our next plan is to just skip the local vets hospitals and seek these folks out in other ways.
    I came away from each class hoping they were as gratified as I was!

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    Some of us here in Canada were so impressed and touched with Project Healing Waters, we approached the organization and am now starting up a Project Healing Waters Canada for our returning soldiers. If you're a Canadian interested in helping out, please visit here.

    Project Healing Waters Canada

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