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    Default Re: Patagonia foot tractor aluminium bars replacement kit

    These are my Patagonia Foot Tractors with Rocktreads as shown after their first day on the river. I didn't do anything to break them in prior to wading. My understanding is the aluminum used in these is stronger than the aluminum bars they replaced and therefore more durable and longer lasting. Again I did not worry one bit about drilling holes in my boots, or having an extra hole, for that matter. Wading boots are supposed to leak... I'd be more concerned about the threaded receiving end for the screwed in bars failing over time. I won't be buying new boots anytime soon but the Danner/ Patagonias will be my next. My guide was wearing them on my last trip and as i recall the bars had a different design than their old ones. They should have partnered with Rock Treads, IMO

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    What an awesome hack! Good solution to changing and discontinuing bar style.

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