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Thread: Jim teeny series rods

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    Default Jim teeny series rods

    I was wondering if any one has used the Jim Teeny rods and what their likes and dislikes are.

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    If you mean the TFO Jim Teeny Series, then yes I used them before. I own a 9' 8wt. rod that is my primary salmon rod for the Midwest. I love it. Great rod, easy to cast for me and my style. I paired it up with a TFO Large Arbor 375 reel, those reels can stop a semi, great combo a bit on the heavy side the reel is but I am mostly just roll casting and mending. I do not mind it. Jim Teeny is a salmon fisherman, so his rods are definitely built for salmon fishing.

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    How do you think they would do for trout fishing? Looking at a 8 and a half 5wt 4 piece.

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    I use the my 8wt for steel head and brown trout too. Still works great. TFO makes other rods that are good trout rods.

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