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    Default Re: Best SA line for small streams?

    TT's are great lines when matched to the correct rod.

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    Default Re: Best SA line for small streams?

    All these lines???

    Todays market is enough to make my head hurt! I used the Cortland 444 DT when it came out, I also have and used the Scientific Anglers Mastery lines in both DT and WF tapers for small stream fishing. Where I lived for many years small stream fishing made up about 90% of my fly fishing. It should be noted that my fishing was limited to dry fly when it made sense and streamers likewise. I learned to use nymphs back in the 70's but found it less than appealing although effective.

    What I found, and I mean on a personal basis was that if the line I had for a rod would enable the rod to function properly the line was much less important than my casting and approach techniques. The rod was of paramount value in small stream applications. A good slow action (full flexing rod) led to what I have always thought of as 'slow motion' casting. I evolved through the years to a 6 foot 6 inch Orvis Flea rod, rated a 4 weight but better with a #3 line on the reel. The rod in concert with my experience afforded an ability to fish in the tightest of quarters with great efficiency and delivered fantastic results for me.

    If I were to offer an opinion (here it comes) I'd say line doesn't really matter as long that it loads the rod properly. Look to develop your skill level for casting in tight quarters and don't rely on some new branded line to solve issues on the water. I'd also say that if you are roll casting some sort of 'Rig' which may or may not include some sort of indicator nymph combo you may find greater reward in just using dries going upstream and streamers coming down.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Best SA line for small streams?

    If it says trout and itís made by SA youíll be fine. I fish Amplitude Smooth Trout and itís a revelation.

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    Default Re: Best SA line for small streams?

    Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
    Consider a Wulff Triangle Taper. It is a great line for roll casting line.
    With all due respect, TT's ARE good for roll casting but NOT for close in presentations, too little mass out the tip top. Also, lines DO matter, a lot. Not that ordinary won't work Ok but it is amazing what a difference the line rod match up makes.

    I have never cast a Hardy Shadow but I suspect that the SA Amplitude (or any other version like plain old Mastery) Trout would be just right. As an aside, I had a reel with Trout on it for a different rod (Scott GS) and for edification tried it on the Douglas SKY#4 I fished all this past week. It would be fine if I had not cross-compered it to RIO Gold which I typically fish on SKY which is just perfect. Both loaded the rod but with Trout it has a soft flaccid feeling that manifested itself in sloppy long leader turnover while with Gold it had "zing" and ample control. Each alone, fine, which illustrates the value of trying different lines to tune a rod.

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    Default Re: Best SA line for small streams?

    I was set on an SA line myself for my Orvis superfine carbon 8'6" 4wt but I ended up going with a Cortland Spring Creek line which I absolutely positively love. It's very affordable and one of the best lines I've ever thrown.

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