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    Hell, I'm older than dirt and I wouldn't think of wading without my staff ... My choice is impregnated bamboo. It's light, very strong and trustworthy. Find an old saltwater cane rod and make one. It's apt to be cheaper than you think.

    Other than that, count me on Gordon's team...


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    I use a cheaper version of the one above and I'm 37 years old in this great big world. I rather use one than risk breaking an ankle or some other body part when wading through the LMF River. The rock can be mighty slick there. I look at it this way just a safer way to fish so that you can fish another day without injury. Who wants to be held up with a broke leg and not be able to fish.

    I hope to be in the water at the LMF in 2 weeks.


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    Darkknight your reasoning sounds exactly like the thinking that convinced me that i should go ahead and wear my knee brace when skiing last week. That knee hasn't given me much trouble in the 5 years since I popped the MCL in it, but I figured it could keep me on the slopes and off the crutches. I would have worn one on the other knee if i had one for it.

    The "might as well use it to help me keep doing what I drove all the way here to do" reasoning makes a lot of sense to me.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I am 54 years old and go about 230lb and never leave the truck for the steam bank with out my stick..When you have slippery brown rocks over two thirds of the stream bottom as we have on the LMFR in Mccurtain County the Simms Stick or my 48in long dogwood stick is hanging on..Not only can it keep you from many spills you will be less tired at the end of the day. I slipped last spring with my stick floating in the water while just moving a couple of feet. The water wasn't deep but slightly twisted my knee. With a sprung knee 6 days later my back goes out and I am down for a week. It is winter and I am just getting over all the healing.. I lost about 6 weeks of fishing..A slippery bottom requires a stick for us older men..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis
    And I can attest to his swimming abilities!! LOL!!! And in the middle of January no less with three feet of snow on the bank!

    If I remember correctly werent you laughing at me as you went around the bend of the river and as I was get up I remember, like it was yesterday hearing "HAHAHAHAHAHAH NT RAH! SPLASH!"

    We both went swimming that day but I think you landed face first in much deeper water than I did..

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