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    Hi my name is JPB and I just joined and have a question. How would I go about getting a few questions answered about some gear I have? I have a couple of fresh water rods from the early 1990's and would like to get some insight on them prior to offering them up for sale. I need to sell them so I can finally outfit myself with some saltwater gear and if you read my profile buy some diapers as well.

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    Hey JPB, welcome to the board. We have a bunch of guys on the board from down your way, as well as a lot of saltwater FF, as well as a lot of folks familiar with all kinds of gear.

    If you have some questions about the gear you have, throw them out here, or in the gear forums on this board. If you can list the brand and model, along with the line weight, folks can probably answer your questions or point you somewhere for some answers.

    You have a lot of fish to chase down there--- all you'll need is the time to get out of the house.


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    Welcome JPB, hope you stick around. I am interested in hearing what gear you got.


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    Thank you for the warm welcome.
    One rod I am searching for info on is a Scott G752, I wrote to Scott and they told me the rod was manufactured in either 1991 or 1992. What I know from my own experience fishing this rod is “It’s a Blast to Fish” as a 2Wt. 7’ 6” it was easy to fish in tight spots and made a 8” Native Brown Trout (the main staple of the Gunpowder) feel like monsters. I just would like some feed-back from other more seasoned anglers regarding this rod. My other rod in question is a Sage Model GFL 590 DS this was the first quality rod I purchased after getting hooked on the sport. This rod was also made in the early 1990’s and like the Scott I understand Sage is no longer making this model. I remember it being a great rod to learn to cast and for a 9’ 5Wt. rod it made those native Brownies seem a lot bigger than the 8” average they were. Any insight or additional information anyone out there can share with me regarding these rods will be greatly appreciated. They are both in mint condition with their original sheaths and aluminum tubes. Unfortunately I need to sell them both and have no idea as to what they would be worth today. I figure given the fact they are no longer made and could be considered classics, the Scott is worth $300 to $400 or better and the Sage is worth $250 to $300. I would appreciate any info and input that any of you seasoned anglers can offer.
    Thank you, JPB

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    I sent you a Private Message with some info that you might find helpful. (Check upper left hand corner in the menu bar). Hope fully others will weigh in as well.


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