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Thread: Golden Trout

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    Interesting Kgl. I've read that real golden trout 'do best' in elevations around 7 - 10,000 feet. The ones I catch are def. the native kind, and I haven't caught any that are longer then 12", but they sure are fun. There is a few small ponds high up in the Gallatin Canyon that carry them. When the hatches are out, and the sun hits the water just right all you see is gold flashes in swarms.

    Frank, I don't know about importing from California, these are some small ponds that are miles and miles away from anything. What would the benefit of stocking mountain ponds be? (That's not a rhetorical question I actually am curious.)

    I'll look around for a picture or two.

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    Hi fishalong,

    The Golden Trout in Wyoming came from California. I don't know about the Golden Trout in Montana. Wyoming has hatcheries for Golden Trout and it would not be a stretch for Montana to get them from Wyoming.

    Most remote lakes that have Trout of any kind come form plantings. For years the High Sierra lakes were planted by pack horse. They the discovered that Trout could be planted by air drops from planes. At least that is how California did it in the 50's. Remote lakes are planted for the thousands of hikers who visit and fish there.

    According to the Wyoming Game and Fish, their Golden Trout is also Oncorhynchus aguabonita which is the California Golden Trout.


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    Once again, Frank's on it.
    In CA. on the headwaters of the Kern river, is the golden trout wilderness.
    There is a series of lakes that are used for brooding.
    Below the high lakes on the west side of a low pass, is a place called Big Whitney meadows.
    Don't everyone go at once, but it is an awesome place to visit.
    The watershed is intact, and loaded with'em. These are the original strain.
    Lower on the watershed, below a weir, there are hybrid Gold-bows.
    Some of the more remote lakes have some larger ones, but most are smallish and very easy to catch. Pound for pound (or oz.) they are the hardest fighting trout I've met.
    6" feels like 8-9, 12" feels like 15.
    They live up to their Latin name too!

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    They made a trophy section of a river here in NC and stock some palamino's in it with the 'bows and browns.
    In talking with the fisheries manager he said he'll no longer stock the palamino's, they only last a max of 10 days. They're easy pickin' for osprey and otters. Some will miss them because they use them as indicators knowing that when you spy a palamino there are many others rainbow's and brown's likely hanging around them.

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    If i saw one of those yellow things i think i would cut the line and run away! I have never seen anything like that!!!

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    I think the general rule for true Golden trout.. is 9,000+ feet in elevation. In California, almost all in the Kern watershed as noted above.

    You can drive very close to them from the East side of Sierras, on the West - you're usually hiking.

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