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    I'm buying a 9 foot 9 weight Orvis Clearater. Will it throw the WFF 8 weight Cortland Fairplay I was using on my 8 weight?

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    I'm guessing you know the answer............I have a 9X9 Orvis and if I use my DT 8 it works the same at about 30' to as far as you can cast. Only difference and it is slight is that you need a little more snap for short roll casts.


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    while i dont think graphite rods are as forgiving when it comes to line weight as say glass, the clearwater is not that fast of a rod so i think you will be ok. I find that slower rods will throwseveral weights well. I have several fenwicks that will throw a 5,6,7, and 8 weight line. I know a local angler who fishes the sage launch in a 6 weight. He can throw a 5 and a 7 very well with the same rod.

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    Kuma ,I agree with Ard and needn't worry your Orvis should do the job

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    I have to disagree. (did anyone expect differently ?)
    Unless you're a good caster, you're going to have trouble.
    On the plus side, the Fairplay line has a beginners taper similar to a bass bug taper. That in itself will make things easier, but I think unless you can carry a lot of line in the air you will still have trouble.
    One thing that will help is to trim the line tip back to where the taper begins. About 6 inches, maybe 8. This will in effect make the head section "heavier".
    I use cheap lines similar to the fair play and regularly "customize" them to fit the rod.
    Try the line the way it is, but if you have trouble, give it a trim. I guarantee that it will cast better.
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