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Thread: Big vs Small

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    I hate getting skunked. No two ways about it. It doesn't minimize my enjoyment of the outdoors, but it is never as fun as catching fish.

    I have to admit that big, challenging fish are really fun to catch because it feels like you worked through some kind of puzzle and figured it out. Even if it is just one or two. However, once I catch a couple fish, the day is good as long as I am in a beautiful place with a good fishing partner.

    Oh. did I mention that getting skunked sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cattech89 View Post
    Fish, big fish, small fish, even no fish, it doesn't matter to me. It's just all apart of the experience. Im just happy to be out and away from it all.
    Agree 101%!

    But, when I tell fishing stories, it always seems to be about the big one..... and all too often it's about the big one that got away!


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