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    Default Re: A+++ for Orvis customer service warranty.

    When I wrote the historic article "Orvis CFO III - Thirty Years Apart" I relied a good bit for dates on research performed by Orvis Customer Service. Luckily, one of our members caught the several inaccuracies sourced from them and I was able to correctly edit the piece for accuracy.

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    Default Re: A+++ for Orvis customer service warranty.

    Quote Originally Posted by WNCtroutstalker View Post
    Sometimes I feel like I must be the only person who had a bad experience with Orvis. Like you, I think the actions of the customer service department have consequences. In my case, the opposite of building lifelong loyalty as I refuse to consider Orvis gear. But they're obviously doing just fine without my dollars. While I refuse to support the company, I do think it's great that so many are happy with their products and service.

    EDIT: Just saw the above post. So I guess I'm not alone, there are two of us.

    Three of us. I owned exactly one Orvis rod in my life, a 1wt, which quickly developed a visible curvature to the upper section and corresponding epoxy cracking/flaking soon after purchase. They seemed very willing at first to make things right, I sent the rod in, nothing, crickets for 2 weeks....I called and they couldn't find the rod, didn't know if they had looked at it yet or not, said they'd get back to me, crickets again for another 2 weeks, I called again and they couldn't update me yet..but would find out immediately....20 minutes later called back....said the rod seemed fine and they'd just return it to me. huh? 5 weeks to finally look at a rod for 2 minutes and tell me it seemed fine? The rod arrived back 3 days later with same curvature and epoxy funk it was sent in with. Sold the rod to a local hobby rod builder for parts and never considered another Orvis rod since.

    This was many years ago, so I'm glad that perhaps things are better now. I always liked many of Orvis's products, vests back in the day, clothing, waders, etc. But have never held their rods in high regard...I always tried to like their rods, really I did, I know a pile of folks that love them, but after that experience and casting a few other of their rods I just didn't make friends with....I just determined some relationships just don't work for certain folks and certain pieces of gear.....I tried to like Range Rovers at one time too....but just not the vehicle for me - so I've never owned one. I know Orvis is a legacy brand and probably makes some absolutely fantastic rods...but they just have never been the right rod for me.

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