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    Default Re: Sharing fly patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by goshawk87 View Post
    So, I am curious, do you all normally share your most effective fly patterns?
    There was a time when Umpqua, Saltwater Innovations, etc. produced flies under contract for me, so yes, for a buck I did. Then there were the shows, articles and a book, etc. and again for a buck or promotional consideration I gave it up. These days, not so much. If a close friend asks, no problem. But even there, the closest friend I have hasn't a clue what the F-1 is or how to tie it and that ones been kicking around now since '05 and I've B.S.'d a few strangers who barked at me " What fly are you using? " without so much as a " How do you do? " first.

    Quote Originally Posted by goshawk87 View Post
    I tend to be fairly tight lipped about specifics, including fly patterns. Probably a holdover from my duck hunting days. I tend to be even more tight lipped when they are patterns or variations I developed myself, and I normally only share them with a small number of friends. I personally feel like if everyone uses a pattern, it tends to loose some of its effectiveness.
    On wild trout waters, this I believe to my core. However, compared to the lifespan of humans, trout for instance have relatively short lives. If a pattern falls out of favor due to loosing it's effectiveness, it can come roaring back to it's old glory with the next generation of fish or by fishing it in on a new drainage if its both applicable and unknown.

    Quote Originally Posted by goshawk87 View Post
    What are your thoughts? Do you have secret patterns, or do you just share freely?
    Maybe a dozen and a half, but I don't call them secret, just un-released.


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    Default Re: Sharing fly patterns

    Onstream or off, I've always appreciated a conversation with another flyfisherman about local stream conditions, new gear they've acquired, rods, lines, reels, rigging, leader construction, and what flies have been working and different materials and patterns that I'm tying and modifications being made to standard patterns. More often than not, I walk away having learned a new approach or an idea that can be further researched.
    There is only one aspect that, as a rule, I never, never, ever, ever disclose. If I have hiked, climbed, fallen down, and basically beat the daylights out of myself locating a new, fantastic, unbelievable stretch of stream, I never, never, ever, ever share the location until I have discovered the next new, fantastic, unbelievable location. Then, and only then, will the spot be revealed.
    Things fishermen know about Trout aren't facts, but articles of faith. John Gierach

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    Like sparsegraystubble, my habits are influenced by folks like John Gierach, who advises carrying 3 of any pattern for the reasons stated. I still do that. I carry 3 of each pattern, each size. On well known public waters here in Colorado, I rarely fish a day without giving away a fly, often to someone visiting from out of state. It probably only marginally helps those folks, and maybe mostly by boosting their hope or confidence. Unless they ask I donít usually offer specifics about what type of water to fish, fly presentation, retrieve technique, leader length, tippet size, knot choice, etc. And they usually donít ask about these things. I agree with Ard and unknown that these details are far more helpful than any fly pattern.

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    Default Re: Sharing fly patterns

    I would not worry about it becoming an interferance with your fishing. This place is not the busiest place, a post will stay at the top for days, weeks sometimes. And to run in to someome on " your" waters that is fishing " your fly" would be an honor, i would think.

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    Default Re: Sharing fly patterns

    My secret pattern is the beagle.

    funny fly.jpg

    I'd love to have a fly box full of these and hand them out when asked "whatcha using?" while I sneak back into the bushes snickering.

    ďIf I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.Ē
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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    Default Re: Sharing fly patterns

    I don't mind sharing fly patterns. I have even traded flies while on the water. I have learned some great fly tying patterns that way.

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