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  1. Default help needed (mk1) fenwick nighthawk fly reel

    hi I have a couple of the original (mk1,have added picture of reel if it helps) Fenwick nighthawk fly reel's that are right hand wind, is there any way of converting to left hand wind, had the front off there is only the lever and spring under it (thought it my have had a one way bearing there to just turn over)
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    Default Re: help needed (mk1) fenwick nighthawk fly reel

    Interesting reel. I don't have the reel or know hoe to convert it...but I can give you some leads. I'm afraid the reel came with an additional plastic piece for the conversion. So without might be out of luck.

    A 2x fourums member posed the question 2 separate occasions several years ago that I could see. I would reach out to these folks and see if they had any success. They weren't very active on these forums. Member m11 actually left his email.

    Fiberglass Flyrodders • Fenwick Nighthawk 5/6 Reel retieve conversion help

    Fenwick Nighthawk 5/6 Reel retieve conversion help

    HELP! Schematics for Fenwick Nighthawk

    Good luck to you.

    ft09 - Mike

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