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    My friend ALEX & and I have talked about booking a day with a USA FLY FISHING team member for quite awhile as we both like to euro nymph . Well after waiting for about 3 months for our day it finally happened.The member we were lucky enough to get was non other than LANCE EGAN. What an experience for both of us. Not only is LANCE a great teacher , but a fun person to spend the day with. I learned quite a a few new things to work on and hopefully get better at the sport that we all love. There was also the bonus of a mother moose and her 2 calves. If you want to improve your game I can't think of a better way or a better choice than LANCE. Also as usually ALEX caught twice as many fish as me , well some things never change. It was definitely a day to remember.

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    Wow, lucky you. Sounds great.

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    Very cool, any tips that really stood out?

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    That is so cool...I like how Lance Euro nymphs with small streamers.. did he do any of that with you...
    where are the photos!!!!!!?????

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