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Thread: Basic question (kind of)

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    Does a trout see a fly then mouth it a couple of times and then when he finds it is a fake spit it out so you have a small window to set the hook? or does he turn away? If he turns away why not flies made with circle hooks?

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    Hi Merlin,

    When I started fly fishing last year I had a problem with trout hitting a fly and spitting it out before I set the hook (sometimes I ended up snagging the fish as a result of the timing...). After some help from this forum, I started to better control the way my line was laying (lying? grammer check...) in the water, by reducing the slack in my line I've significantly reduced missed hooksets (and I haven't snagged a fish since). So based on my own experience, the window of opportunity is can be fairly small to set the hook before they spit it out. I've seen the circle hook's mentioned before on this forum, I don't remember the arguments for/against though, if you do a search on the topic I'm sure you'll get some information. Hope this helps.


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    Hello Merlin,

    To attempt to answer your question maybe take a look at this video of a trout feeding: YouTube - Stu and his amazing feeding trout

    You will notice, in some parts specifically 3:33, that the trout will simply rise to the food take it then simply drop back down into their original position however they might turn at times. Depending on the amount of fish in the pool, run, etc it may not travel too far as I believe trout are very competitive for the best food lanes or best flow of food if you will (usually the best lane having the biggest trout). They generally like to find a spot and stick there and grab food as it comes by especially if it is highly competitive or if there is an abundance of food coming that way.

    The time to set is short as Scott had mentioned. As far as what they do to it I think it is usually a quick grab and once they notice something is not right they spit it out and as mentioned it is a small window.

    Again this is from my own understanding and I hope I am right anyone feel free to correct me.


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    Good responses guys.

    I think it also depends what they're feeding on to some extent. Trout often mouth and spit small stuff floating by-- cased caddis is a good meal, but looks a lot like like twigs and other stuff that tumbles by, so I think trout often reflexively mouth and spit stuff as it drifts, especially in slower moving water.

    On things like streamers, a trout is aggresively pursuing a baitfish and is more apt to turn, and I think circles would be more effective there. Perhaps circles might work better in fast water too on smaller patterns, where they typically zoom up to take from a deeper holding lie? But I haven't seen or used true circle hooks small enough to tie on for small nymph/wet/dry patterns.

    Setting the hook with circles is a bit tricky-- you basically just want to come tight and let the fish set the hook, usually it ends up in the corner of the jaw, as opposed to a traditional hook set which tends to just take the hook out of the mouth without a solid hook up. I've only used them in SW on baitfish imitations and had some problems setting hooks--- all angler error on my part-- couldn't resist a strip strike.


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