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  1. Default Fly Tying Vise Criteria

    Good Day All,

    I had placed a thread sometime back about fly tying vises. I had mentioned about how I did some research & finally purchased a Peak vise in July.

    I visited another fly fishing website the other day & one of their "threads" was discussing vises. Someone had brought up a criteria about vises & tying that I've have never heard before & I was curious if any of you have ever heard of this.

    He mentioned that to set your vise at the proper height for tying you need to place your fist under your chin & then set your elbow on the desk/table where you tie & that sets the height the vise should be ?? Has anyone ever heard of this ?

    I know that my vise has NEVER been at that height & I never have trouble. Please give me your thoughts.

    Tie One On

  2. Default Re: Fly Tying Vise Criteria

    being new to tying i wouldn't know anything about that. i prefer to keep my vise at a height that feels comfortable to me. then again i've also got a adjustable height table.

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    Default Re: Fly Tying Vise Criteria

    I like my vise higher than most, but that suggestion even seems a bit high to me. (and i've even got a very wide fist)

    I think most pedestal vises are a bit too low/short. I would suggest that you make the "hang loose" hand gesture, put your pinky tip on the table, and have the vise set up to where the hook is even with the tip of your thumb.

    Two years from now, when everybody calls this the "hang-loose vise adjustment method", y'all can say you heard it here first. (aren't delusions of grandeur fun?)

    I tie on a c-clamp vise. Any other "clamper-fans" out there?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    AMEN TO THE CLAMP CLIFF!!!!!! I tie a lot of saltwater flies and the pedestal base stays in place for about 2 thread wraps and that's that. I will never, ever go back to a pedestal base, unless of course I stay in a 4 star hotel and don't want to muck up their beautiful teak wood wait, I'd still use a c clamp and I'll never stay in a hotel like that, at least not any time soon. C CLAMP ALL THE WAY. A good stable base ties good stable flies and a pedestal doesn't provide it for me. James D. aka Troutbum7

    p.s. I tie with my vise above my head. Just kidding. I've never heard of any specific height needed. All I know is the clamp is on the desk and the shaft of the vise is topped out in the clamp,that's comfortable for me!

  5. Default Re: Fly Tying Vise Criteria

    I personally rest my vise on the back of my neck and tie in a mirror. I find my flies then have an excuse for looking like garbage.......

    Actually, I kind of gave up tying as I don't really enjoy doing it. Sometimes I think of taking it back up but it really is not that enjoyable to me.
    All Means All

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    Default Re: Fly Tying Vise Criteria

    t'bum, if you want a strong holding c-clamp vise that won't mess up the edge its clamped to, a dan vise is hard to beat. It's got about 6 little rubber pads on its two large clamping surfaces that hold it firmly to the table/desk. It also has a wide range of adjustment to where it could be clamped to an edge nearly 2" thick. The vise has some shortcomings, but for those criteria, I know of no better. I have tied plenty of flies up to 4/0 on it and the hooks are held just fine. Price ain't bad either, even if it is made by fiskars.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks Cliff,
    I've heard of the Dan Vise.......Can't say I'll switch though. I cut my teeth on a Renzetti and haven't switched yet. Although, the padding sounds great.......I wonder why they haven't thought to use that yet? Thanks Though, the troutbum

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    Default Re: Fly Tying Vise Criteria

    Troutbum, you could always cut pieces of one of those rubber things that helps to get jars open to use on your clamp to protect tables. Silicone might work even better though. You could cut up one of those silicone bracelt things and use pieces of it to do the same. (not advocating cutting up lance's bands, but rather one like they were giving out at a Dallas Mav's game I went to recently.) They make thicker silicone potholders now that would work, but those tend to be kinda pricey.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I rest my elbows on the table and tie at that level. Some people I know say they have never seen someone tie on a vise that was that tall before. But hey. Works for me. I tie on a dan vise. I love it. I have used them all and I just like the Dan Vise.

  10. Default Re: Fly Tying Vise Criteria

    bought the renzetti traveler cam in a pedestal model. haven't had any problems with it moving the only thing i didn't like was the carrying bag. i think it could've been bigger.

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