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Thread: Rod Socks

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    So my sweet wife got me a Fishpond Dakota rod case for our anniversary. It is sweet. However, I now have another problem. My 6wt 4 piece Sage and my 4wt 4 piece Scott both came with tubes with built-in socks. So I do not have socks for these rods to use when I carry them in the new Fishpond case. I have looked at boh Sage and Scott's website and there is no mention of the availability of just socks. Where do you guys/gals get socks for your rods?

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    me personally, im cheap so i try to save money any way i can. for a case i just use pvc, it might be heavy but so are rod cases. For a sock just use a old bed sheet or some type of cloth. i mean isnt that what a rod sock basically is. it might not look so hot but hey when your catching fish you'll be laughing

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    Cabela's sells generic rod socks.

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    Just about any place that sells rod blanks & rod building stuff will sell the socks.. Try Hook & Hackle.. They have a lot os rod building equipment

    Hook & Hackle Fly Fishing Tackle, Fly Fishing Supplies, Fly Tying Supplies and Fly Rod Building Supplies

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    This guy sells fantastic rod socks: CLICK HERE The material will last a
    lifetime, and the piping is great. I've ordered several from him, and the shipping is FAST.

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    those rod socks from the rod maker's store (also Results for Rod Bags) are nice. nothing fancy but they look good and work fine.

    another source is landmark: Rod Socks quite inexpensive. call ron.

    this site offers cool material designs: Bamboo Rodmaking Tips - Store - Rod Bags usually marketed towards the bamboo community, check out the designs and talk to him. many bamboo rod socks are designed to not have a flap so if you want one you may have to order the next size longer.

    the charcoal grey socks from pacific bay are very nice and quite luxurious i might add: Rod Cases & Socks : Products : Pacific Bay International

    also, you could always make your own from flannel or other soft material from a fabric store.

    fresno, ca.

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    I picked up a real soft sock at Bass Pro. It's their brand, White river I think. cost less than $5 bucks. I bought two canvas ones off ebay but they are too stiff. I like the real soft ones that won't scratch the rod.
    That's strange about the Sage and Scott cases. Both my Sage and Scott rods came with a rod sock that is not built into the tube. Must be because mine are the older models. I prefer the off brand cases that have compartments built in, makes the whole process simpler. Cabelas sells one but they are proud of it.

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    i too like the soft ones. you need to check out the pac bay ones, very soft, but they're a bit more than $5. the thing is, i've never noticed scratches on the 4-5 rods i have in the "canvas" bags. it's actually cotton duck (in landmark's case).

    fresno, ca.

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    When i built my 2 wt i went to walmart and got about 1.5 yards of a sweat shirt type material for like 3 bucks and sewed it like a rod sock. Looks fine, its nice and soft, and dirt cheap. Just have to have access to a sewing machine.

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    I make our own. Really is easy once you get the hang of it. Nice over flap, center ties and a loop toward the top to just flip you can use material to match your personality.

    Here is mine:

    Here is the old mans:

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