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  1. Default Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    Hello all. I am new to this board, and new to fly fishing.

    I was fortunate enough to get a job as an intern working with Cutthroat Trout this summer. I plan on bringing a spinning rod, but I would like to buy a fly rod and use it as well. Not only will I be using this rod for trout, but I would also like to use it for bass and bluegill as well.

    I am completely open to suggestions as to rod and reel type. I am working on tight budget, but I want something that is built to fish and will last. I have never done much fly fishing so this is a new experience for me.

    Also, I have no clue what kind of flies to buy for Trout... Just general ideas would be nice.

    Any help would be appreciated fellas!!

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    as for the rods check out orvis, cabelas, llbean they will have some decent rods at a good price. also check on thier warranties. as for the flies, my favorite for cutties is an olive elk hair caddis sz 12-16(high and dry). but i dont get to fish for them as much as others. theres good help watching so the posts will come in and maybe they can help a little more.
    for general flies: hares ear nymph represents too many nymphs not to have a good assortment of those from sz 14-18
    black wooly buggers, cause they just catch big aggresive fish 6-8
    black and golden stone flies, gotta have those 10-12
    green worms or some sort of a caddis immitation 14-16
    those are some of my favorite flies, and the sizes are what i perfer

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    Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    St. Croix and Reddington both make decent entry level rods for not that much money. Get a 5 weight. they come with line, reel. just add tippet. Good all around trout, bluegill.

    Not any good at cut trout fishing, never caught one. But flies for bluegill, really any small dry fly (as well as wet) for trout can work well. (royal wulff, adams, ect.)

    Bass: wolly buggers, leeches.

  4. Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    Great advice so far, I would check out redington and cabelas and if you can swing a little more a entery level sage is a great chioce.
    As for flies woolybuggers, ants, hoppers, BWO, adams parachute, EHC, haresear, copper johns, pheasenttails, and maybe some san juan worms would get you going in the right direction for most trout waters as for bass and gills poppers, sponge spiders, woolybuggers, and some of teh trout flies for the gills. I knwo what being on a tight budget is like, but spend the most you can on your rod and line and then your reel. A lower price reel is better to work with then a lower price rod or line, unless you are talking about BIG fish that will get into your backing.
    Hope this helps

  5. Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    Thanks guys a lot! So would you all agree on a 5 weight?

  6. Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    that should be a good choice. also for a beginner you might want to get a medium to medium fast action rod. they have a lot of forgiveness in your casting

  7. Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    That would be a good choice if you hadnt said bass, if you want to bass to your list I would bump up to a med-fast or fast action 6wt in a 9 footer.

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    Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    Seth, welcome to the board, and congrats on the internship-- what a great opportunity. You should have an absolute blast!

    Where will you be working, Yellowstone? (to some extent, knowing this might help with fly selection)

    As others have said, a nine foot long 5 weight would be ideal for trout and panfish. A six weight might be a bit better if you throw bass into the mix as well, to help throw the poppers and and larger, more wind resistant fly patterns that they smack. So either way, a 5 or 6 weight would be ideal.

    Since you might be a bit new to this, a "5 weight" or "6 weight" refers to the line weight that the rod is designed to cast.

    Cutts are known for being too picky-- one of the reasons you're probably studying them since they are often more easily caught than bows and browns, so their populations can get a bit hammered in some places by angling pressure and competition from nonnative species.

    You've got a bunch of good suggestions for flies and gear. In general, you can find decent quality packaged outfits for 100-150ish including rod reel and line, or better gear by mixing different brands of rod reel and line for 250-300ish and of course up from there.

    Keep asking questions, I'm sure you'll get a lot of advice from the board.


  9. Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    Great guys! This information is just what I was looking for.

    The place we are going to be stationed is in Vernal, with most of our work being done in the Uinta Mountains. I am from Ohio and have never been out west before, so it should be an amazing trip.

    Is the action of fly rods similar to that of spinning?

    Meaning, if I was to get a medium action fly rod, would the target species be similar to the ones you would target with a medium action spinning rod?

  10. Default Re: Need Some Help- Cutthroat

    NO, an action on a spinning/casting rod is geared more to the size of the lure/line you fish with, ultra lite small lures and line, light a little bigger, med. bigger, you get the ideal. The action on a fly rod has more to do with the casting stroke how fast or slow you cast kinda thing.
    Hey cool deal on your internship man, enjoy it and do all that kind of stuff you can. WheN I went to school for Wildlife Bio. I done some work on Neo-tropical migrants, shore birds, Herp studies, and deer stuff, even done a cave invert. study. A friend went to Idaho I think it was and done a butterfly study while camping in the mountians for like 6 weeks, never know what ya can get into lol

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