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  1. Default What weight and type of line

    I have a half dozen reels I have been given and a couple that were already mine that are lined with mystery line.

    No indication of what they are.

    How do you figure out weight and type if the line is all the same colour?

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    Look up the thread, old rod and reels, it has the chart for weighing a fly line to see what size it is and how to weigh it. As far as type, if its a light color it is prbaly a floating line if it is light with a dark tip it is more thenlikely a sink tip and if it is all dark a full sink line. If it is the same size all the way down the line its a level line, if it gets bigger at the tip a weight forward line of some kind.

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    I did a search for 'old rods and reels' and got nothing. Can you be more specific as that looks like the information I need.

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    I'm not sure there is a definitive process, you might be best off to string them up and cast them on whatever rods you have. If they feel and work good, great! Go ahead and use them. If they not, put them in a box some where on a top shelf.

    The more you know, the less you need.

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    I'd weigh the lines....first 30 feet minus the taper....

    Number Designation Standard Weight Margin For Error
    1-Weight 60 54-66
    2-Weight 80 74-86
    3-Weight 100 94-106
    4-Weight 120 114-126
    5-Weight 140 134-146
    6-Weight 160 152-168
    7-Weight 185 177-193
    8-Weight 210 202-218
    9-Weight 240 230-250
    10-Weight 280 270-290
    11-Weight 330 318-342
    12-Weight 380 368-392
    13-Weight 450
    14-Weight 500
    15-Weight 550

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    There ya go, no need to look for the other thread now, I went back and looked and it just says old rod and reels. Tried linking it here but couldnt get it figured out, sorry

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    Default Re: What weight and type of line

    umpqua offers a small scale just for weighing fly lines. i would expect instructions to help would be included:

    Kaufmanns' Streamborn, Inc. | Fly Line Scale

    fresno, ca.

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    The fly line weight is measured in "grains", according to the chart that dman posted. And as dman mentioned you'd weigh the first 30 feet- minus the short, thinner front taper that's usually 5 feet long or so.

    If you have access to a postal scale, weigh the first 30 feet (minus the front tip) to get weight in ounces. Then multiply by 437.5 to get the weight in grains.

    Or, if you have a kitchen/diet scale showing the weight in grams, multiply by 15.43 to get weight in grains.

    Then compare it to the chart that dman posted to get the line weight.

    From a practical standpoint, you might find that one line will cast a lot better on your rods, so string them up and have at it too as Bear suggested.

    Hope this helps.


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