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Thread: Dry Flies

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    What dry fly floatant should I get to dip my dry flies in so they float? Also, how do I apply it and how much of it?

    thanks for any help

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    Orvis makes a nice product.Or you can make some dries that dont need flotant.

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    I strated useing a new one called Moose Snot by backcountry Lab. It has been pretty good so far

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    Frog fanny

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    'Hydrostop' which is made by Spirit River is a very good product, just dip the fly in the bottle and let dry overnight. With this there is usually no need to apply additional floatant on the water.
    I think Frank has a very high opinion of this product also.

    If your looking for something for streamside application, use something like 'Aquel' which is made by the same company (Spirit River) or a floatant that I like very much is 'Poo Goo' which is distributed by RIO and originally developed by Andy Puyon (RIP Andy). Both of these are paste type floatants that come in a squeeze bottle.

    I hear good things about 'Frogs Fanny' that Joni mentioned.

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    Joni vote is my vote..

    I also use it on my yarn indicators from time to time..

    At times I will mix up GINK with Frogfanny on Yarn indicators seams to make them last a little longer..

    Never heard of the Hydro suff.. I haven't seen it in Mo.. but I only look for the Frog Fanny and Gink..

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    Hey Goose, welcome to the board. As you can see a lot of different recommendations, so to break it down a little...

    Floatants come in a couple different types:

    Paste- probably most popular, usually a silicone based paste. Put a dab in the palm of your hand, rub until it becomes a liquid, then rub into your fly between thumb and forefinger. Examples are Gherke’s Gink (widely available), Cortland DAB, Rio Poo Goo, Tiemco Dry Gel,Loon Aquel, Wilson Creek Pure Flote, Mucilin Paste. You can also get a jar of facial cream called Albolene and transfer some into a small container for your vest for a couple of bucks a quart.

    Spray- sold in pump and aerosol spray. They don’t work on flies that are already wet, so not much use on stream. They can be used for pretreating flies (but if you want to do that you’d be better off with Scotchguardor RainX). Example is Cortland Dry Fly Spray and a few others

    Powder- if your fly becomes water logged or slimed by fish, unscrew the lid, drop your fly in (still on the leader), put the lid back on and shake. Some also come with a brush to work the dust or crystals into the fly. Examples are Top Ride, Loon Blue Ribbon Super Dry Powder, Frogs Fanny Dry Powder, Simizoki Dry Shake, etc.

    Liquid- Many of these are sold as shop “special brews”, based on old timey petroleum based floatants made from stuff like kerosene and paraffin concoctions, sold as secret formulas in some shops. If you see some of this stuff unscrew the cap and take a whiff. If it smells like the EXXON Valdez, put it back on the shelf. To be fair, this stuff WILL float flies like a cork, but it smells and is not the eco friendliest thing to use. And if you smoke you could be caught up in a napalm fireball and lose your eyebrows…

    You can also pretreat flies by spraying with Scotchguard or RainX, but even if you do, carry some floatant on stream.

    For some dry flies, made with CDC feathers, use a patch of highly absorbent Amadou (a natural tree fungus sold in some fly shops) or Samadou (less expensive synthetic version) instead of a paste.

    I usually carry a paste type (for putting on when I tie a fly) like Gink and a powder type (for restoring slimed flies) like Frog Fanny or Simizoki.

    Hope this helps.


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    You can use vasoline or petroleum jelly. I have this liquid Loon stuff but I have not been able to try it yet.

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    i use frogs fanny. you don't drop it in and shake like the other similar products, you brush it on, work it in with the supplied little brush.

    i've also used stuff called Fly Sauce (made by angling evolutions) which i really liked over the other thick-liquid options (aquel, gink, dave's, etc).

    fresno, ca.

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    I use what ever felt I find ... really, I haven't bought any in years.
    Others loose it... I find it.

    As for the desiccant (powder)
    No need to ever buy that stuff.
    Electronics, vitamins, pretty much anything shipped wrapped in plastic comes with little packets of silica crystals to absorb any moisture.
    Open the little packets, crush the stuff up, and carry it in a pill bottle.
    Same thing...only free.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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