I like the fight on all salt water fish they just seem to be harder fighters than their freshwater brethren. Surprised no body mentioned Dorado (Mahimahi) yet, I love their coloring and the way they jump and don't do as much of a death spiral like tuna do. I hooked in to a larger tuna one time when we were getting football sized Albacore. I was on a walk around cuddy cabin and that fish ran near the surface in large circles around the boat and I had to chase him/her for about 6 laps before it bisected the circle to go under the boat and broke me off. That was exciting! I have brought in a couple of smaller sails and a Marlin those are awesome but with those I like the hunt searching them out and then lighting them up. Still want to get a shot at a rooster fish and maybe one of those speedsters called a wahoo. I have caught them on conventional gear but a fly rod would be a real hoot.


Tim C.