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Thread: New Echo Rods

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    Quote Originally Posted by possiebugger View Post
    yeah, thanks for sharing that response!

    Is this the action vs. power chart?

    from the Echo website.

    Also, that Stillwater in a 10'6" 6wt is an intriguing size.

    I like the practical advantages of a longer rod, though just about every 10+ footer I've cast seems like the added swing weight just isn't worth it.
    My longest rod in current use is the Hardy Zephrus Ultralite at 9’ 9” 4 wt. I think it weighs all of 2.6 ounces. Try one if you can. It might be a bit slower in action than you want, but it is light and really quite responsive. I use it for dries, nymphs and small streamers. Not the best wind rod though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sparsegraystubble View Post
    Please share whatever you get. These sound like intriguing rods even if they might not be the best fit for me personally. They sound almost more fast than medium fast so they may be too much rod for what I need. If I wanted a real gun, I would probably go Sage, T&T or Radian. Iím thinking something more like Orvis Helios F
    Or Scott G Series.


    Here's more info from James:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for reaching out to us. The new Stillwater rods are slated to be in your local fly shop in Spring of 2020.
    I have attached our Action vs Power chart to give you an idea of the rod's action and power. The Stillwater is designed for casting a full array of floating and sinking lines as far as possible while sitting in a float tube or pontoon. They are lightweight, high-modulus rods with a fast tip and plenty of power in the bottom half. I do not know the weight of each model, unfortunately. These rods are still being tweaked to meet the criteria of our engineers and rod design team.
    They will definitely be one of the lighter weight rods that we produce at 10' long.
    Hope this helps!

    James Lemon
    ECHO ~ Airflo ~ Fish Need Water
    7500 NE 16th Ave Suite 1C
    Vancouver, WA 98665
    Maybe these rods will be a bit softer toward the tip than standard fast-action rods. Fast action is great for casting, when we control the bend, but when the rod bends because of a take, that same stiff flex can bounce the hookset. Especially if the take comes when not much fly line is out, like toward the end of a retrieve, or on the hang.

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