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  1. Default August Fishing Conditions??

    I am English and will be visiting S. Carolina next August for a wedding. I'd love to make the trip into a fishing holiday by visiting some of the classic trout streams (Montana etc) but fear that the timing may not suit.

    Fred A has suggested the NW for steelies (he is often on the English forum) and that is a possibility, for sure, but how is the fishing (generally) in late August elsewhere?

    Would appreciate all advice, Mrs S is hassling me to make my mind up...

    Thanks, Tony

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    Default Re: August Fishing Conditions??

    Tony: Send a PM to forum member futuramille (JJ), he lives in Greenville, SC and can probably point you in the right direction for fishing in that area.

    You might also try sending a PM to franzenangler (Chris) he lives in North Carolina, he might be able to point you into some good fishing areas.


  3. Default Re: August Fishing Conditions??

    Thanks mcnerny, I'm glad somebody bothered to post otherwise I'd have surely got the wrong impression about American anglers...

  4. Default Re: August Fishing Conditions??

    August can be an excellent time to fish the Rocky Mountain west- grasshoppers, ants, beetles, and other terrestrials are the big ticket items, but their are plenty of hatches of Pale Morning Duns, caddis, and other aquatic insects to keep you busy.

    That said, there's an awful lot of distance between South Carolina and the Rocky Mountains- and there's plenty of quality fishing to be found in the Appalachians. Northern Georgia, eastern Tennesee, western Virginia and North Carolina combined have a ton of miles of trout water, many miles of which offer wild brown, rainbow, and native brook trout. Much of it is high-gradient freestone streams, while others are tailwater fisheries. You can also target smallmouth bass and a number of cool-and warmwater species, which can be incredibly fun on fly tackle.

    You may want to check out Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina/Tennessee, as well as Shenandoah National Park of Virginia- both are gorgeous and provide plenty of chances to view wildlife and do some fishing. If you're more curious about the western US, I may be able to point you to a few areas out there.

    Good luck!

  5. Default Re: August Fishing Conditions??

    Thank you Merkin,

    I guess I've always dreamed of Montana etc. and as a Brit we hear a lot about all those places, but if there are opportunities equally as good closer to SC then I guess that has to be better. I'll check out the places you recommended, thanks again.

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    Default Re: August Fishing Conditions??

    Tony..Yeah.. Montana is great and I have friends that fished the Big Horn,this year and said it was **** and the worst they had ever seen..
    If you want a true adventure and utilize the skillz you posses..
    Fish stuff off the beaten path.. everyone fishes Alaska for salmon ..Montana in all the usual places..

    I'm an angler of another breed..I fish spots some never see..
    In Colorado we have fishing destinations that are overrun with Tourists and selfish individuals.. not a fun time..IMHO...
    Spend some time and research.. find those not often talked about beats..those tribs that don't get the love..
    August in Colorado is spectacular.. if you want a destination.. PM Yat that man knows some cool stuff..
    So do I but I don't want to put it out..on the Board..
    How bout this place?

    All the best

    Remember to put your toys away when your done playing with them..


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