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Thread: Combat Fishing

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    I read another thread on one of the regional sections below about opening day at a Missouri trout park. Bennett Spring State Park Fishing Report The pictures are nuts. I have never seen anything like it. Hundreds of fisherman stacked up shoulder to shoulder. I thought it was bad when I would see an angler or two stacked up at a favorite hole on the Guadalupe here in Texas. How does one fish in those "combat" situations? To each his own. I'm glad folks get a chance at a trout that may not otherwise have an opportunity, but I could never fish under those conditions. That is just crazy.

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    I'd rather be fishing for bluegills on a small stream! That looks insane, and I
    wouldn't bother getting out of the car. That picture reminds me of seal clubing !

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    In the Midwest that is common. In IL with the stocked trout seaon opener the lakes and streams always look like that. On the weekend during the Salmon runs in October in Southeast Wisconsin, the pike and root rivers look like that. The walleye run on the maumee river in Ohio look like that.

    During the prime seasons that is normal.

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    The Russian River in AK looks just like that when the salmon are running. There are also a couple other spots like that along the Kenai. Pretty insane to fish that way. I'd rather find a spot where you have some room to yourself.


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    Hi to all,

    Larry is right about the Russian River in Alaska. When the Reds come into the river it is crazy how many people get on a short stretch of the river. I went one time when I firs got to Alaska. I just turned around and went back to the Anchor River and fished by my self.


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    A lot of people go to the opener precisely because of the people. I haven't done it myself, but there's a carnival atmosphere that many like. It's as much social as it is fishing.

    I can't confirm, but I understand using a flyrod on the opener is nearly impossible.

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    Has anyone seen pictures of Pyramid Lake in Nevada? It is crazy! But they are all on LADDERS...what a rush!

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    I would like to see pictures of that, Joni.

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    Thats crazy. I fish in MO and there is alot of small streams(such as the Little Piney) with trout and the river has trout. Bennet can't all be like that though I heard its really big with alot of different zones like fly fishing only and such.
    Meremac(where I usually go) never is shoulder to shoulder

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    One of the small city lakes here in Iowa is like that when they do the urban trout stocking program. You have to get there way before the stocking truck shows up to get a spot.

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