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Thread: Beginner

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    I have been spin-fishing since I could hold the rod with my grandfather, but now that I have the freedom of a car I have been fishing on my own and with my friends. I have always wanted to fly fish so my grandfather gave me a rod (martin model 7645c 4/5 wt) probably not the best rod but i am working on a high school budget so upgrading isn't an option. I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a reel. I love fishing for bluegills and the small trout around the area I live.

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    Trout Fishing Tackle and Techniques

    You can get one there for almost nothing.
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    Just from my experience, you can get an extremely inexpensive reel and it will do just fine for what you intend to fish for. It's not until you need to get into larger fish that you need to worry about the quality of the drag, and whatnot. $20 - $30 will get you what you need. You will most likely spend more $ on the line than the reel. Don't know if that's good news or bad

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    you won't go wrong getting a pfluger medalist 456. ..They are sort of the standard basic reel. I still have one from 30 yrs ago & it.s still in working order.For bluegills & small trout you don't really need a disk drag or anything special. They are a little on the heavier side but not too bad...You can also ck out Cabella's . They have some low price reels & they have a good warrenty return policy...,, / good luck

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    Hey CoolCast, welcome to the board. Sounds like you have a great grandfather.

    Any of these would be perfect for your Martin 4/5 rod:

    Pflueger Medalist 1494 about 25 bucks (holds 50 yds of backing plus fly line and has a simple adjustable click and pawl drag, the smaller ones like the 1492 don’t hold any backing)


    Okuma Sierra Standard Arbor 4/5 around 35 bucks (holds fly line plus 100 yds of 20lb Dacron Backing and has a nice Teflon Disc Drag)

    I would match the rod up with a 5 weight “weight forward” taper, floating fly line. Scientific Anglers Air Cel (about 25 bucks), Cortland 333 Pro Trout (about 30 bucks) or Scientific Anglers Air Cell Supreme 2 (about 35 bucks)

    You’d also want to add a tapered “knotless leader” (7 ½ or 9 feet long tapered to 4x) and some spools of tippet (4x and 5x).

    If you’re not sure what any of that means, holler or search some of the FAQs and recent threads on leaders and tippets.


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    The Pflueger Medalist is the most popular and most used fly reel of all time and still goes for 20-25 bucks.
    I have and use 7 of them myself and highly recommend them over reels that cost many times as much.
    You'll hear that the modern imported version of this reel is not worth buying. That's just not true. They are still the best 'value' reel on the market
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    Thanks for the advice my tech teacher recomended the Preloaded LL bean quest 2 5wt. For $50 I could have what I need seems like a god deal anyone have experiance with them, if not i will go with the trided and true Pflueger? (and yeah my gramps is a good guy)

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    I don't think you can go wrong either way. The LL Bean Quest reel is graphite composite (as opposed to the cast metal Medalist) but it's supposed to be a decent reel, and it's actually the same reel as the GREY GLA 80, which normally goes for around 60 bucks. Bean also offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on everything they sell, so you really can't go wrong.

    For the Quest preloaded version, you’d want this one to match up with your rod (the reel is a quest size 2, with a 5 weight line, backing and leader installed) for 59 bucks:
    Preloaded Quest II #2 Fly Reel with 5 Wt. Line: L.L. Bean Reels at L.L.Bean

    I also have a bunch of Pflueger Medalists that I've been using for 30+ years, so if you want to go that route, it would also be a very good option. For a Medalist, I would order one from Ron at Hook & Hackle Fly Fishing Tackle, Fly Fishing Supplies, Fly Tying Supplies and Fly Rod Building Supplies and get a Medalist Model 1494 about 25 bucks, and one of his "overrun" 5 weight, weight forward floating fly lines for 25 bucks (normally 55 bucks). You'd also need 20lb backing (hook and hackle 20lb dacron 7 bucks) and a leader (3.50). (If you were to call Ron on his 800 number he could pick it all out and rig it all up for you.)

    The price would work out about the same either way, for the preloaded Bean Quest or the Pfleuger + flyline, leader and backing. Either one would make a fine outfit for you, and you'll have a blast.

    It sounds like your tech teacher is into fly fishing. It's great to have someone that you can get a few pointers, and maybe some help with casting if you need it.

    Good luck, the fishing will start to heat up pretty soon.



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    I am guessing that bluegills will hit anything shiny and in front of them, but what are some mainstays that work on trout also what sort of technequies should i try to master. The streams that i wil be fishing are small realitively shallow to wide and deep where creeks run into lakes and very little weed cover but large cut banks.

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    I have an old Martin 63 that I will send you for free if you want it. It will need backing and line put on but should work just fine for you.

    If you want it just shoot me an email or PM or post it here.


    dmwphoto at comcast dot net
    Dave Watts

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