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    I wonder if a "Skiff" would fit the bill here. very light weight & easy to manuever.
    Clackacraft - ClackaCraft Drift Boat Models - Head Hunter Skiff

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    How much does the Hyde Drifter weigh? I fish from a canoe in the Youghiogheny river in PA, and have always thought a drift boat would be better, but I never though two people could carry one around like that.


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    I'd almost rule out a kayak, I couldn't sit like that if I had to and then to try and stand from a position like in a kayak, wouldn't happen. That's part of the issue I have with canoe. I can stand and fish in the canoe and get into a standing position but its not good. My old bones need stretching through the day and with the canoe it usually means tying up and getting out. I could see that a freighter canoe could make it a little easier. That Hyde looks interesting.

    I carry generally my camping gear and even with the canoe I use a trailer and hardly ever unload it when I get home. I could use my canoe trailer for a not too heavy boat. 200# not a problem.

    Ive thought about the pontoon idea but it comes back to the gear issue and Im not going to be carrying stuff back and forth which is what prompted the trailer for the canoe. Not sure if they would accomdate the gear.

    I'm not old and feable yet but starting to feel that way sometimes a little more than I used to. So I am trying to visualize getting it and the gear to the water unloading and being on the water with the least amount of work.

    I do like to row and I'm sure with a bottom like on a drift boat it does take some getting used to. I used to row my uncles old wooden rowboat (weighed about a ton) all over the lake when I was a kid. Had the biggest biceps you ever saw on a kid and only weighed about 90 lbs.

    Once on the water I want to stand and sit, move about and keep the circulation going without teetering and having the feeling I amount to test my PFD (actually I have tested it).

    I'll check out (all) the links and really do appreciate and enjoy reading your feed back. Great pictures. I did see the powered Kayak on the water when I was wading the Caney a couple weeks ago. Saw it coming upstream and it was moving right along. No fishing going on and I didn't see much room. Wasn't sure at first what the heck it was! I tried to take his picture but when I pulled out my camera the battery door opened and I heard the 4 batteries plunk into the water.


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    i'd say calling the Mokai a kayak is stretching it a little. The one I saw in the water went by pretty fast and I was trying to figure out what it was. Watching the video could almost make a believer out of me. Its pretty ingenious.

    The Hudson Bay Freighter easy to like also.

    Clackacraft very nice. The site has some great information and history about the drift boat.

    Hyde Drift Boats speak for themselves.

    thanks again for all the in-site and leads on this.


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    Hi TnTom,

    I checked with HYDE about the Drifter and this is an Email I got from them.

    Hi Frank,
    The length of the boat is 12 feet 3 inches and the anchor arm adds another 11 inches to the top of the stern. The width of the boat is 64 inches at the oar locks and the weight is 130 to 160 pounds depending on the different seating or storage configuration ordered with the boat. I have attached a photo of the boat with the storage boxes and seats added to the benches.
    Thanks for the inquiry,

    Jim Kunz

    Hyde Drift Boats

    I think that The Drifter would be a great one person boat with ocasional use for two. The picture is with the 160lb configuration.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Hyde has a Sportmens Driftboat which just large enough for one or two Anglers! please see . : H Y D E : . - THE LEADER IN DESIGN, VALUE AND SERVICE We have Hyde Driftboats and wouldn't trade for any other type of Driftboat!
    Hello all! I've been looking for a flyfishing forum.........

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