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Thread: Who fishes LMFR

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    Thank you all for responding.. Lets me know who I might run into on my home waters..I have fished many times with the idabelangler and tied flies with him. He is a good flytier..Darkknight I have bumped into and had a hello just didn't know who you were..hope you have good fishing this weekend..Big Cliff you do need to fish zone two but you may not need that sinking line. z2 isn't all that deep just wide in spots.. Good luck to all.

  2. one fly

    I did not fish the one fly the last two years because the rules prohibit "lures" and that rules out all my fly rod lures like small metal spoons, colorado spinners, june bugs,Tom Nixon spinners, ect..I've been mulling over the idea of entering this year: with a woolly bugger, a casting bubble, and a spinning rod loaded with 4 lb test.

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    Thanks for the advise guys, I was down there last week, on business no fishing but i did drive through the park, looks great, got to get down there and do some fishing

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    Mike Love, when I was talking about fishing the deep sections with sinking lines, I was actually referring to those deep sections in the park where they do the canoe rental trips. (Went back and read my post, and I didn't make this clear at all.)

    I agree that you don't need sinking lines to fish zone 2, and that a sinking section longer than 10' would likely lead to lots of hangups down there, depending on the current speed. I've got a sinking leader that I would use in that situation.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Bigcliff, I have used sinking lines at the powerhouse when they are generating. However I have not mastered casting they heavy thing.. I am not recomending fishing when they are generating however one night I was fishing off the point at the Power house while one generator was on and we caught a nice Walleye..

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