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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    Quote Originally Posted by Ard View Post
    Cindy bumped this back to life and it's time I said something since I started things up

    Like many of you all I was an explorer in the early years. I traveled near and far every chance I got sometimes just within Pennsylvania and New York but by the 80's things were expanded. I saw many of the places I'd only read about and some that I hadn't. The travel history is pretty much a you name it sort of record and new was good back then.

    By the 1990's I was more focused on catching those salmon and steelhead and it was those species that taught me that I had to learn rivers. Learn the bottom structure and where those fish turned up year after year so......… I still had to travel to fish for those fish but I always went right to the same exact places right down to standing in the same spots when I cast from year to year.

    That became my mod of operation even close to home trout fishing, I fished maybe 8 streams but knew each really well to the extent that I knew I was catching the same fish sometimes 3 seasons in a row in exactly the same spot, only difference was they were bigger each time.

    Here in Alaska I've had 15 seasons to sort things out. I fished from those Denali Park grayling streams and lakes all the way over to Kodiak but found the same thing applied from my past in the lower 48. Seeing this place is cool but if I want the best chance for catching the fish I had to focus and I have. It has taken a long time but now I know where to expect results year after year if the fish are coming.

    Trout fishing here isn't like it is down where most of you are at. Here the trout are directly related to the salmon numbers and where those salmon are at. We have aquatic insects and sculpins but now in the kind of abundance you are used to down where you are fishing. These streams are just too cold and the mayflies & caddis are scarce in my area. So, you trout fish just like you would steelhead fish, you look for the perfect conditions for some rainbows to set up camp. When you find them it's all good but some days you come up with a blank. Here I have just 5 places where I fish, 5 different rivers and I can be found in the same spots year after year even standing in the same spots when I cast

    Full circle I guess
    I hadn't noticed you did a drive by thread on us. We get on to people for that.

    I guess I didn't get cheated because I think you have shown me at least four AK rivers. (Actually five I think). Anyway your post does not accurately describe the distances you travel, both road and river. Some of your three day trips are what some of us might call a family vacation. That's really not much of a stretch to say that. I'd be curious how far you travel in a single season chasing the now elusive salmon and steelies. When the water cooperates at all I'd have to say it's a four digit number most months.

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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    Years that I was really busy Dewayne I was recording right around 2800 miles a year just on the boat according to my Garmin GPS that I use for speed & distance records. Then there's the truck hauling the boat...…….

    Remember that river I drove you to way down the peninsula that gets steelhead? The one where I hooked the silver (I think) and it came loose? Yeah there, that's 275 miles from here where I'm sitting tonight. Past few years I'm spoiled because I've been flown into the secret river out passed the cabin. That saves me a 98 mile boat trip all by itself...…..

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    Yes it's a long ride down the peninsula, and a fair bit of it a real bad place to drive fast or eventually you'll hit one of those thousand pound deer. It's good you are able to fly now and then. You have to live it to understand how brutal an hours long uncovered jetboat ride is on a glacial river if the weather is anything but mid summer warm and dry. I know most of the flights were because the water levels made it necessary though.

    Anyway, I'd be surprised if more than a few here put in anywhere near the miles you do chasing fish.

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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    When traveling, It's all new to me. Find a likely looking spot and try, sometimes works, sometimes not. Like to get a Guide, make him the High Priest and I but an Acolyte trying to light a candle.
    Have, on a small local tailwater, worked the same spot for 6 to 7 years, 80 to 100 yards of river that always paid off. Knew right where to step in and where to call it. People would tell me they didn't catch a lot, I'd could put them on fish...didn't fish it much last year, drifting on larger waters elsewhere. When I went this year all my landmarks gone, timber I've fished around and behind gone and the holes and runs and plant beds downstream changed. It's a whole new place and not a whole new river to learn.

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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    I have rivers, creeks, and specific places on those waters that are permanent magnets to me every year. They're in my blood, and a season would be incomplete without at least giving them a look and a wade. Some are even the same days on the same waters every season. They usually fish different from year to year though, so its not a re-run. But I always try to find new "runs" or sections on my favorites to fish every season too, for many of them are still unexplored even after decades of visits. I also try to stop at unfished waters in between my regular haunts, but unless they show something special at the time, I usually proceed on to more familiar waters. So I'd say I fish more of the same waters in the same places than I do new waters and sections. Summer is short here. So is fall. And these days, so is my time and ability to enjoy the waters how I like to do it. I go with the good bets and more reliable hatches.

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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    Quote Originally Posted by cpiercem View Post
    The fenced area was probably a "control" site for range grazing or some other study that was being conducted in the area. Biologists and range managers need to know what the undisturbed or ungrazed flora's condition is.

    Could also have been a homestead cemetery.

    I've seen several examples that were similar.

    Thanks Cindy

    What perplexed me was the lack of a gate to enter, one would have to cut the fence to get in. Looked carefully for any sign of humans and saw none. The "control site" did not occur to me. Once while fishing I became aware the conditions were right for a native American campsite to be nearby (used to hunt arrowheads a lot when younger). Sure enough, after tromping thru the timber a bit I discovered a site. Have found many interesting things while fishing but thankfully besides an old abandoned still, nothing illegal. :-)

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

    Being "one with nature" requires a knowledge of what animals are living nearby and a weapon of sufficient magnitude to give you at minimum an equal chance of survival. No one has an invisible aura that animals can detect and sense your good intentions.

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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    Sorry to still be off topic.

    On the fenced area: I forgot to mention range managers frequently fence off seep spring areas too.

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    Default Re: This Could've Been a Poll..................

    I have my local spots I can fish for a couple hours after work or if I get (or make) a gap in my schedule. I treasure these places without them Iíd likely go stark raving mad :- ) Some of these places are pressured, so I fish smaller bugs, work harder on my casting and generally give nothing up and I catch fish. I feel like my fishing skills gets pushed to the limits during these shorter stints.

    When I have a full day I like to go explore sections of creeks on USFS or the White Mountain Apache Reservation land. AZ creeks are fun in that they run though remote and rugged country with very few access points.....but with the help of various navigation tools, I find my own access and in doing so fish miles of creek that see little fishing pressure. Pure bliss for a creek junky.

    Expanding the range a bit, the San Juan and Leeís Ferry are both about 4 hours away so we get to both pretty regular. Sometimes we stay at Abeís or Marble Canyon, sometimes we camp. Many times weíre meeting family or friends coming down from Wy or Mt.

    We generally do a Leeís Ferry to Pierce Ferry private permit whitewater trip though the Grand Canyon every other year. Not this year though, but almost surely next year, Iím jonesing pretty bad for some big water. The fishing below Lees Ferry all the way to Phantom Ranch is good and I fish off the boat and the tribs dumping in the Colorado River all the way, when my wife is driving the boat. Many times at night there are epic midge hatches.

    We also take a few trips a year back to Wy and Mt to visit Ďfamily and friendsí, but those are really just fishing and whitewater running trips haha My wife has this thing for Hawaii, so we visit Molokai on the cheap every other year or so, which has great bone fishing right off the beaches. I fish every morning when there and many evenings. I hired a guide the first time, but I do well DIY at this point and cherish wading the flats at sunrise on my own. Still, if Iím feeling flush, will hire a boat and guide on occasion.

    I guess itís about 50/50 exploration to familiar places, I have a few bucket list places Iíd like to fish, but honestly Iíd feel fortunate to finish out my days just as things are now.

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