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  1. Default Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    Hey Guys and Gals -

    Complete newbie here.

    This is my first post - forgive my impertinence - but rather than slowly scrolling through many pages of forum posts and trying to guess about thread titles, I was hoping someone could post a link to a thread regarding the best inexpensive rod. Something less than $150.

    Or if you don't mind, just quickly post your opinion.

    Incidentally, I plan to be casting from my kayak in SE Florida - Fort Myers / Cape Coral area - both salt and fresh water.

    Even more incidentally, I prefer to buy American if that's possible anymore... .

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    Not gonna get american for $150 unless you go used and it is a older rod.

    i would check out st. croix. Maybe a local fly shop can find you a good used rod.

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    Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    Hey, welcome to the board. As krd mentioned, it'll be tough to find an American made rod for 150.

    Also, since you're new to this, realize that a reel and line are also going to run into some bucks too. For all around light inshore SW (bones snook, redfish, specs, baby tarpon, jacks snappers etc etc etc) and FW (LM bass, peacock etc) I'd go with an "8 weight" rod, nine feet long. Plus a SW proof reel, disc drag that will hold 200 yds of 20lb dacron. (You won't need all that backing in FW, but you just might in SW). Also a four piece rod is easier to travel with if you fly (it can be checked overhead), but same rod in 2 piece, if available will be 20-30 less if flying isn't a concern.

    If you're looking for 150 all in, you might want to consider an LL Bean Streamlight Outfit (rod, reel, backing, fly line, and leader and reel on rod tube) 199 with two piece rod, or 239 with four piece rod. Imported.
    Streamlight Fly Rod Outfit, Saltwater 8-10 Wt. with Streamlight LA Reel: Streamlight Outfits at L.L.Bean

    (Separately the reel goes for 80, two piece rod 125, and the four piece 165).

    Otherwise for around 150 for just the rod, there's the TFO Pro, a four piece rod, about 150, imported. It's decent rod and good value, with a lifetime guarantee and replacement if the rod is broken for a modest fee (around 25-30 bucks). If you go that route and buy a rod separately, get a "weight forward taper" line to match. I'd pick a floater and since you're in Fla, get a "tropical line" (they'll stand up to high temps better than standard lines that tend to get gummy in Fla because of their coatings.)

    I haven't used one but there is also the St Croix Imperial “handcrafted in North America” two piece rod 170, four piece 190. (There is a less expensive St Croix model, but it's made overseas.)

    Made in USA rods will generally run about 200 and up.


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    Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    how about a good one for 10% of your maximum? Eagle CLaw can be had for 14.95 in a 2 peice 6'6" or 7' 4/5 wt.

    Dave Watts

    To me, the journey of learning is almost more fun than arriving at the destination of knowing.

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    Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    For just the rod, Albright has the A5 series for $140 direct from their website. Google them to see what they have that may interest you.

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    Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    Though I dislike recommending this store, check out Walmart. They had Scientific Anglers rods on blow-out for about $8-15.00. How do I know? Someone bought a few and donated them to our club. They are very serviceable rods.

  7. Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    A-5 Fly Rods - English

    Does not get any better for your buck!

  8. Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    Thanks for all of the quick replies!

    I googled all of the rods suggested.

    Peregrines, Thanks for the detailed reply. The suggestion about a 4-piece is now a vital consideration.

    I don't mind spending around 150 - but that is the top end of what I'd like to commit to right now.

    If it means I can reliably use the rod for a few years 15 bucks would be great... . I'd rather not get a total cheapy - but if they are good enough to get started with - I'll do just that.

    Perhaps the truer question is this:
    What is the least amount of money I can pay for a serviceable fly rod/reel combo that will be good for casting off a kayak in both salt or fresh waters - usable in narrow channels, rivers and mangrove swamps as well as in open water?

    Having said all of that I'm headed off to Bass Pro right now to look at a TFO model that suits my needs.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    As mentioned before, some wal-marts carry Scientific anglers combos. They are decent for like $80. You get rod, reel, line, and a video. You need to add a leader. Just get the Bass combo as I think it is a 7wt.

  10. Default Re: Best Inexpensive (<$150)Rod? Link request

    TFO has cheaper rods... i have the signature 8wt for bass

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