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    Default Mustad Customer Service

    Ok, So, Monday, I went by the local fly/kayak/outdoor store that's not too far from me. They occasionally buy flies from me and I went to see if they needed more flies and to pick up a couple of boxes of hooks. I picked up a box of 25 count Mustad SS #2 hooks to tie some new Bass flies that I have been working on. The shop needed no more flies until after February due to decreased demand and inventory. I made my purchase and headed home,excited about having more hooks to get these flies done.

    I get home and open the package and I have two "hooks" that really didn't qualify as hooks. One was completely straight and the other was bent in the wrong place. I had seen this before,but never on a SS hook. I decided to call Mustad to report this,in case this was a widespread problem. I counted the hooks and the proper amount were in the box,plus the funky ones.

    I talked to a nice guy that explained that sometimes the culls make it into boxes despite efforts to keep them out. I told him it wasn't any big deal,but, I figured they might want to know in case it was an issue they needed to handle. He asked me for my address so he could send me some replacements. Again I told him that it wasn't necessary,but he still wanted my address.

    Today, UPS drops off a box that contained not only a FULL, 50 count box of replacement hooks,but a nice Mustad Hat as well.

    Thats some good customer service in my eyes!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Mustad Customer Service

    Yes, customers share their experience and positive ones may lead to more customers. Thanks for sharing...

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    Default Re: Mustad Customer Service

    I think itís strange how there were 25 good hooks plus the 2 malformed ones in the package. What sort of packaging method or process produces that result? I could better understand 23 good hooks and 2 bad ones in the package.

    The story has a happy ending however the two extra got in there.

    Maybe itís all a clever stratagem from the Mustad market department. Someone buys the odd package which leads to the customer service call which leads to the great customer service and that all gets published and promoted for gratis on a high exposure fly fishing forum, all to the benefit of Mustad.
    Wherever you go, there you are.

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    Default Re: Mustad Customer Service

    In the past, when I had my first tackle business, I spoke with folks at Mustad in NY several times and they were great to deal with. In most cases I didn't have a quality control issue to discuss, it was usually that I was looking for a hook to meet a need, and they did a great job with finding them & sending samples.

    I have had that problem with deformed hooks too, but considered it not something to be concerned with because I bought many of the hooks I used in 1000 counts, so expected a few that got past the quality control.

    I haven't had any reason to contact Mustad for years now, so

    great to know that they still take good care of their customers!
    Remember, no one likes to be behind the big truck, but that's better than being under it!

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