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    Quote Originally Posted by ryc72 View Post
    Since we have a theme of junk flies going, I’ve always been very curious about gummy minnow flies. Are they popular? Effective? Easy to cast? Guessing that they are most effective using a medium to fast retrieve in deeper water but I don’t have any experience with them. Worth trying em out?
    It wasn't too long ago that I couldn't catch a baby tarpon on a fly to save my life. But then one day I tried a gummy minnow and started catching fish. I cut it down really small, and they were actually eating it! I was so happy with that fly. The gummy saved my life on that glorious lake of baby tarpon battle. I owe it my loyalty and my sacred honor! So will I EVER betray the gummy? Noooooo....I regret that I have but one life to lay before my God, my nation, and my gummy minnow!

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    Default Re: Saltwater junk flies...

    And we have one for the gummy minnow! Alright, looks like it’s worth a shot!

    A lot of other nice flies to consider as well!

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    I never had much luck with the gummy minnow. I brought a few pieces of the material but it was a pain in the butt to work with. I never had much luck either in fresh water or salt water with them. No real action with them. I did work up a pattern using the material. Foam tied on top of the hook shank. Used one of the flexible tubings to make the body shape and laid the gummy material over it. The "fly" could be fished off a floating line or an intermediate or a sinking. Caught me more fish than the gummy minnow. Sort of a thumbs up for the gummy material, definite thumbs down on the gummy minnow.

    "All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

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    Default Re: Saltwater junk flies...

    I fished a Gummy Minnow one night. I ran into a school of blues and lost most of my flies under the dock lights, so I tied on the Gummy Minnow, and caught my only redfish under the lights. It wobbles like a crankbait but I remember it being quite a chore to cast, so I haven't used it again since. 20180602_dock light red 2.jpg

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    I have caught fish on the gummies as well. They work best for me on the fall on a WF/S3 type line. If I cast out and give it a 10 count, then a couple of slow strips, then another 10 count, then bang! That said, I hate casting them, you can hear them flapping in the wind as they zip by your head. They don't have any action because the material is pliable and not elastic, but they do match the silhouette of young blueback herring perfectly. So I fish them to mimic a dying, sinking herring. They can be productive when other patterns aren't. I wouldn't call them a go to pattern, but one that can be effective, if not a little embarrassing to sport in your fly box.

    FWIW, there are times that a hoop earring will catch a fish if you fish it right. To that point, people have caught fish for years on painted sticks of balsa wood, or frayed McDonald's drinking straws. I don't know what the heck a spinner bait is supposed to be, but they seem to work for those bass guys...

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