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  1. Default Anyone have any experience with Revelation Reels??

    I'm looking for a new reel and came across the Genesis by Revelation. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this company or any of their products. Revelation Reels - Fly by Design

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    Default Re: Anyone have any experience with Revelation Reels??

    waaaay too much flash/eye candy design to that website for my taste. the reels look like dozens of others on the market to me. "but let's make one side BLUE!" lol i'm sure they would work fine. it seems to me a lot of people are looking for the next greatest thing. in this case, it seems to me they latched onto the manufacturer who makes many of the low end (but good) and signed a contract to offer it under their name, always with slight cosmetic differences. reinventing the wheel? i notice there's no info under the warranty, FAQ, and about us sections...

    i'm sure the reels will catch fish. maybe someone with hands-on experience will chime in. i also wonder at times how many people ask about a new product who may be somehow linked to that company's offerings. do you have a connection with the company?

    fresno, ca.

  3. Default Re: Anyone have any experience with Revelation Reels??

    no connection to the company and this would be my 1st reel purchase. I was basically looking through e-bay and this one caught my eye, but then again, I know absolutely nothing about reels other than I need one. Wanted to try fly fishing so I picked up a St. Croix Reign (9' 6wt) on clearance at Gander Mountain and now I need a reel for it. Would appreciate any recommendations you have. Would be used for trout and small lake panfish

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    Default Re: Anyone have any experience with Revelation Reels??

    Hi jaysun23,

    This is a company that is importing reels and selling under their name. Just like a bunch of other people. Their WEB site is still under construction and doesn't show pictures of all their reels.

    Here is my advise. Ask about a new reel on NAFFF and you will get some good advise. Tell us your budget and what you want to fish for. This will give you several reels to choose from. Don't buy any reel just because it is cheap. Lets say you buy a reel from this not known company and you need repairs next year. They may not be in business next year.

    I looked at the Genesis reel and the picture is not big enough to make a good judgment. It did seem to me that the frame of the Genesis may not be aluminum or is cast. It could be the finish and machining but to my eye it looked like some kind of carbon fiber. Ask about that if you decide to buy one.


  5. Default Re: Anyone have any experience with Revelation Reels??

    OK Thanks, I'll post a new thread looking for a recommendation.

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    Default Re: Anyone have any experience with Revelation Reels??

    before you do that, conduct a search here at this site for reel recommendations. this is one of the most popular questions at this site, you could get a good idea of what would work for you. what size trout?

    frank's right, how much do you want to spend? off the top of my head for pan fish and small to medium trout, in a somewhat budget sense, orvis battenkill (not the machined BBS though that would be good enough too), orvis mid arbor, okuma SLV or even the cheap sierra (helios if you want to spend more money), the lamson konic (many fans here), lamson radius (on clearance many places), ross has a bunch in their worldwide series which are cheaper and imported. sage has their 1600/1800/2000 series. you don't need a strong disc drag or even large arbor for this type of fishing though it's hard to find a reel without these days so you're stuck with those features. all of the above would work great as a starter reel. face it, you'll eventually end up with more than one reel and rod anyway lol reel manufacturers are now offering reels constructed using a hybrid process, part machined, part something cheaper. the konic is one example. it's not as fine or lightweight as a fully machined reel but i think the mechanics are a nice compromise that you wouldn't notice a compromise in performance for a first reel.

    if you want to spend more, check out the other ross offerings, lamson guru or velocity, redington reels (note the single D), galvan's ob series (excellent reel), etc etc. stick with a well known manufacturer who has a proven track record with warranties, repairs, reputation.

    fresno, ca.

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