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  1. Default What's Your Opinion?

    Hey y'all,
    I was thinking about going on a trip somewhere relatively close to home since I am almost to summer break from college. So I was wondering what you all thought about this...
    My dad knows some guys that work at a fly shop that is about a hour away from his house that can give us casting lessons for about $20 per hour. I think that includes basic casting, the knots needed, and general setup. I figured that it wouldn't take very long for me and Dad to figure it out, as we have already tried to work on casting and are not terrible at it for the most part.
    I was wondering if it would be better to spend more money that I don't really have right now, to get a guide on a one day trip. Or if it would be better to pay the probably $80 dollars for me and Dad for 2 hours of instruction and try going out on without a guide on a trip... I think the hardest part for me would be to pick the right fly... But I think that if I got a few tips before the trip on what to do and I do my homework, then I can figure it out...

    What is your opinion on this guys? Would you recommend the guide or casting lessons from a local guy or fly shop?

    Thanks y'all,

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    Where is "close to home"? The reason I ask is that, if it's close to my location, maybe we could set something up and I could save you and your dad some money.


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    Default Re: What's Your Opinion?


    I think that fly casting is pretty essential, so if it was an either or thing, you may want to go with the casting lessons- it can really help to get some good advice when you're starting out, so that when you practice you'll be practicing good technique.

    The person you get the casting lessons can also show you knots and how to rig up, and he or she should also be able to give you some pointers on where to go and what to use. If the fly shop is near a stream, maybe part of the time could be spent pointing out how to read water, maybe some pointers on nymphing--- not really a guided trip, because the goal wouldn't be to actually catch fish (although that could be a bonus), but to show you how to mend line etc.

    The other alternative maybe is to both. Do an hour or two of casting, knots etc in the morning and then head to a stream for a 1/2 day guided trip with the same guy to put what you learned to use on the water. That might be the best of both worlds.

    You may also want to see if there is a FF club at your school or a local TU chapter or Federation of Fly Fishers affiliated club near you at school or home. They have a lot of casting clinics, group trips to local water, and will really help get you off to a good start.


    PS, John's post snuck in there while i was writing. That's a great offer. I hope you guys can hook up.

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    Close to home for me would be somewhere closer to Bowling Green, MO. I don't know where exactly to go. I have seen a couple places that are near Rolla and Smithville, and of course Bennett Springs. I haven't decided on if or when I would want to go, but I don't like messing with crowds and stuff really...
    I don't know how the cuvire river fishes, but it runs right by my house, it is just a small part of it, but its at least a part that i can get to in order to practice fishing in moving water. Right now I'm dealing with the lake that we have. I will have to see what I have going on this summer, but I really want to take a trip! lol

    I don't remember what the name of the fly shop there on the way to st. louis. I haven't been. It was Dad who went and where he bought his first rod that got us both into fly fishing.
    I didn't really answer much of a question... lol Sorry. I think that anywhere within like 3 hours of a drive would be a good trip. A day of fishing, and drive back that night maybe. I can't really afford a hotel stay, but I could camp if I had some stuff like that... Not sure, just in the idea stage of a trip... ya know?


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    I say hook up with JDorsey or take lessons on line. Get the basics then spend your money on a quide. Whatever you do, it's great you're doing it with your Dad.

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    I'm about an hour south of you. If you want to pursue trout, the Meramec River is about the closest (probably about a 2 1/2 to 3 hr drive for you). You can fish Meramec Spring Park (a put-and-take fishery requiring a daily permit, can be very crowded) or you can fish in the river downstream of the park (much less crowded, my preference). There are numerous other choices but most are at least another hour's drive from you.
    If you want to pursue warmwater species such as bass or panfish, the choices are virtually endless. Cuivre River will have those species, possibly some white bass (the lower section of Cuivre can have some good white bass fishing if you hit the run right). The lower section is a boat-only proposition; too deep to wade... don't know about your section.

    You can learn in three ways:
    1) Do-it-yourself trial-and-error
    2) Hire an instructor
    3) Learn from a competent friend
    I wouldn't recommend the first choice - too easy to develop bad habits and it's a slow way to learn. The second choice can be expensive, and 2 or 3 hrs of instruction doesn't really amount to much. The third way is how most people learn to flyfish. If you don't know anyone who can show you and your dad the ropes, I would be more than happy to. PM me if you want to discuss it.


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    Default Re: What's Your Opinion?


    In addition to John's very generous offer, keep an eye on the Mo Dept of Conservation's website:


    On the left there are links under "additional info" to fishing events, an atlas and interactive maps. Some of the maps will have contour maps of different lakes, stream conditions and fishing access and they've had events like casting clinics and "fly fishing days" sponsored by MDC and put on by groups like TU and FFF.

    The MDC really goes out of it's way to try and help folks getting into the sport and they'll be a very good resource for you. They even encourage people to call the local fisheries biologists if you have questions on the waters fishing potential near you.

    Good luck,


    BTW, there is also a pdf on their site about managing farm ponds that might be worth a look-- thinking here about the pond on your grandfather's farm.

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    I agree with peregrines above. Take the casting lessons, practice. Ask your instructor for some basic fly suggestions. Learn the knots from a website ahead of time so the instructor can focus on basic rigs. Then just go out and have fun.

    I love fishing with a guide, and the good ones are teachers. But guides have gotten really expensive, often costing over $300 a day. I'm not saying that a good guide isn't worth every's just a lot of money.
    We're all in the same boat. We all come 'ere and we don't know why. We all go in our turn and we don't know where. If you are a bit better off, be thankful. And if you don't get into trouble an' make a fool of yourself, well, be thankful for that,'cos you easily might.--J.B.Priestley

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    If you want to, see my post on Orvis Fly Fishing Lessons vs. a private guide.

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    Default Re: What's Your Opinion?

    I think you and Dad will sort this out and have a ball no matter what you do. I have been reading your posts Hookem and I think you are a great kid if you'll pardon the expression, and your father must be proud of you.


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