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  1. Default Orvis Fly Fishing Class vs Private Guide

    A buddy and I are considering taking the 2 day Orvis fly fishing class in NY.
    Does anyone have any feedback on the class? Also, do you think we would be better off hiring a guide for two days for the same price?

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    If you don't know anything take the class or your trip want be much fun. I did it years ago and had a good time (Manchester Vermont - the Orvis home). If you know the basics, go fishing. You can also find certified and Master instructors in your area on the FFF website.

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    I know the basics but my buddy doesn't. I figured the guide would be able to give us some lessons and take us out on the river. We are concerned that the Orvis class wont include enough actual fishing.

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    Default Re: Orvis Fly Fishing Class vs Private Guide

    Another option for you to consider is the Delaware River Club in Hancock. Al Caucci used to run schools there, but I believe he sold the business. They are still running schools there though, and it might be a good option to check out. There's a"beginners" and advanced, and perhaps best for you, you can also put together a "personalized" school. The rates for guiding I assume are for 1 to 2 people, so you might be able to put together a guided/teaching trip for the two of you for about the same-- this way you'd get personalized instructions, and if you at least have the basics down, you'd be in the water working on fishing (reach casts, mending lines, presentation, hatch matching, nymphing whatever and hopefully catching fish--- though I think that the emphasis should be on learning rather than catching to get the most out of the day. Then you can apply what you learn on your streams on your own.

    The idea would be to book a guide through them that teaches in the schools. Anyway it's something to consider, and if you both have the basics kinda sorta down, I think you might get more out of it.

    Delaware River: Fly Fishing Lodge, Guided Trips, Fly Shop & Fishing Schools

    Good luck.


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    It sounds as if you guys should do both.Take the class to get some knowledge about the sport. Then pay the guide to take you to were the fish are.

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    Look for an Orvis dealer or a sporting goods store that is promoting Orvis gear. They usually have a local orvis guide giving free intro. instructions. You can get a feel for the gear and if you want to pursue it further you can arrange a half or full day flyfishing trip with the guide supplying the equipment. I have a friend who is a certified orvis guide and that is his drill.

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