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Thread: Solunar Tables

  1. Solunar Tables

    Hey friends!

    Do any of you compare the solunar tables to your sucessful days of fishing? I purchased a copy this past year and have found them not to be a rule for fishing but have been surprised to find that many times they prove to be very on time. This past saturday at noon the sun was up and the moon was down(which is a prime major feeding indication) and the fish did bite well till nearly 1:30 pm then quit..then there are times I find when the weather overrides and takes the bite out... what do you think?

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    i have found that between the solunar tables it also helps to check out a barometric gauge. between the 2 i had some very successful days last year.

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    freeze69, do you feel that if the barometer starts moving that it overrides the moon phase?

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    yes i do. the barometric pressure effects fish in different ways. take along a barometer sometime. if you don't have one check the news sometimes. watching this along with the moon phases can be important. i trust the barometer the most though. it seems to be more reliable. ever notice that before a storm moves in or out fish seem to react different.

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    I have found this site to be well worth looking at. There is much valuable information about lunar theory and available charts.

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    Mike also uses crystals and tarot cards for his fly selection.

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    I don't check the tables so much as I pay attention to the stages of the moon. Full or new is good, middle stages not so great. I started doing this when I was Fishing down near Rockport. Full and new moons equate to more tidal movement and better fishing. New is ideal, since theres less light for the fish to feed at night, too.

    Barometric pressue is one I haven't figured out so much yet. I have had fish turn on like nobody's business as a storm is rolling in, but then sometimes it doesn't work out that way.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    barometric pressure is a tricky one. the way i've been doing it is with a cheap barometric pressure gauge that you can get through cabelas, bass pro, and steve might even be able to get them. they're very imformative with one glance you'll know fairly accuratley what the fishing is going to be like.

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    See a storm coming, run to it and go fishing till it runs you off...

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    I have a casio watch that has the moon phase on it. I tells you at what time of the day the fishig is suppose to be the best. I try to fish around it but can't tell that it makes a whole lot of differance. I have noticed that the fish do seem to bed by it though.

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