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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    Believe it or not, I do not wear gloves all winter fly fishing here. I will have hand warmer packs on cold days but you know what works the best for me?

    I leave my coat open just a bit and stick my free hand in my armpit if it gets a little cold, if my hands are moving and dry, I don't seem to have any problem. (Disclaimer) Ive worked outside most of my life all winter and I`m used to arctic cold.

    I have tried flip gloves, Neo half gloves, thin gloves, they all come off and eventually get wet and useless anyway.

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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    I picked up the Simms Windbloc Foldover Mittens @ Dick's with 20% off; free shipping and no tax.

    As soon as I try this out, I will let you know. The Orvis version of these gloves are not warm at all.

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    i have a pair of the simms foldover mitts, but only wear them to and from the water and to warm my hands up.
    my thermals have those thumb holes and a little pocket for a handwarmer on the underside of my wrists which do a great job of warming the blood up as it goes to your hands.
    carrying a towel or two to dry your hands off whenever you release a fish helps tremendously too.

    missed the part about air temps in the 50-60s and my recs above are usually reserved for temps below 30. without trying to sound like a tough guy, i couldn't imagine wearing gloves at night in may or september
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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    When I duck hunted, I tried neoprene gloves, They were plenty warm for South Mississippi weather, but my hands would sweat in them and having nowhere to go it just remained in the gloves. By the end of duck season my hand smelled liked a locker room when I removed the gloves, and washing the gloves did not help.

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    Thin surgical gloves then over that thin neoprene gloves with 1st 2 digits being fingerless. I don't know how they will fare in the very cold weather some of you guys have over there. The Patagonia R1s are hopeless...

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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    I frequently fish in subzero temperatures. I have tried many gloves, mittens, choppers, neoprene skins, fingered, fingerless, etc.

    For ice fishing they are nice for setting up the portable, drilling holes, etc. But actually fishing, I always remove them.

    Every insulating glove, even the tightest fitting neoprene, is a dramatic reduction in dexterity. It's not worth it.

    Cold hands slow down and crack, though. The bottom line in cold weather is you also have to slow down, and take care of them. Periodic use of insulated pockets or a hand muff (there's a reason these are super popular among hunters and athletes) is key. And find a good balm to keep them from cracking.

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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    I have experimented with many of the different types of gloves mentioned above.

    My problem is that I constantly get my line tangled on my gloves, even when I'm wearing minimalist fingerless gloves to keep the sun off my hands in the summer time.

    So, particularly in "cold-ish" weather I typically don't wear any gloves, but I will use disposable hand warmers in the pockets of my fishing jacket.

    I can usually keep my hands reasonably comfortable and I don't have to worry about tangles, or getting my gloves wet and then having to deal with pretty much useless gloves after that.
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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    Thin surgical, nitrile, or even dish gloves with an over glove of wool or neoprene. Most of the time I just wore the surgical gloves with no over glove. I also use a microfiber drying towel for drying off after a fish release etc.

    The over gloves are attached up my sleeve with a cord so that I can pull them off for landing and quickly tuck it up in my coat sleeve or flip it over my arm for getting it out of the way. Like a kids mitten cord.

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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    The gloves I use most times have two fingers and thumb that not fully covered. I found these that have "flip" covers over those fingers so that you can have full coverage but expose fingers and thumb for threading a hook, etc.
    I use them too, (Simms) but find the flip covers are always in the way and a pain in the rear. Like posted above, I got the bright idea to wear surgical gloves alone or under the Simms. Mine are solid black so on totally sunny days they attract some heat from the sun.

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    Default Re: Cold-ish Weather Gloves

    I like a pair of real wool fingerless gloves. The wool tends to shed water if they get wet. If your hands get cold, you can stick a hand warmer in the glove to rest in the palm of your hand. If you need more protection, those nitrite gloves can be worn underneath or instead of. The nitrite will at least create a barrier between the elements and your hand and retain most of the feel gloves take away. If all else fails, Ard's suggestion looks pretty good for a next step or weather that is colder than "cold-ish".

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