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  1. Default How many do you really use?

    Okay, I am kind of a collector. Actually, that would be an obsessive compulsive packrat!

    I tend to go way overboard and buy rods and reels and such with reckless abandon and then several months down the road realize I don't need them all and sell some. Plus, realizing that the bills I neglected to buy it in the first place have now come seriously due has something to do with it also...

    So, of all the rods you have, how many do you actually use on a regular basis? How many are just for kicks or just to have them?

    I have been able to seriously widdle my stock down to three essentials.

    I have a 9' 6wt for the bigger rivers, streamers, stillwater, and deep nymphing.

    8.5' 5 wt for the medium sized rivers in general and all that I do on them.

    7.5' 3 wt for the smaller stuff.

    All the rest I accumulate is merely excess though I must admit that my OCD is starting to try and convince me that I really need a Sage TXL 00 weight. I don't think it is going to be too hard to convince me either. There are some teeny creeks around that would just go great with that rod..
    All Means All

  2. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    I have many rods and use them all regularly.

  3. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    I currently have four fly rods.

    1 - 8'-6" 3wt rod for small trout & panfish (will break it in this spring/summer)

    2 - 9' 5wt rod for trout & I use for small mouth sometimes.

    3 - 10' 7wt steelhead rod & other large fish

    4 - 9' 9wt salmon rod

    I will typically use all of these throughout the year, some more than others, but I doubt seriouly if I will buy any more. I bought the slightly higher end rods that come with the lifetime warranties, break one take it back & get it replaced.

    Always in the water,

    Tie One On

  4. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    I was addicted to my 7' 3wt but I just built a fast action 8.6 3wt, I usually use small flies here on my local streams, no bigger than 10 usually so they suit me well

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    Default Re: How many do you really use?

    I've also got a 8'6" 3wt that I am fishing more and more. It doesn't handle the wind or large flies well, but its sure more fun than a heavier rod when after panfish. I fish my 9' 4wt SAge when i need a little more rod, and a 10' 5wt TFO pro when I want the reach or the distance that provides. I've got a 9wt that I just don't need often enough.

    I'm still in the market for a good 6 or 7wt, just haven't gotten around to getting one yet. I wish ECHO made their classic series in a 6wt set up for saltwater, but I bet I'll just keep wishing for that.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  6. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    I have 8 rods but use my 9' 4 wt about 80% of the time. Next choice is the 9' 8 wt when hunting bass or the 9 1/2' 8 wt if I need help with distance casting. I have a very old bamboo rod and a fiberglass rod that I almost never use, maybe each one 1-2 times a year.

  7. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    I have seven rods, and use four of them on a regular basis...Sage 4 wt, Sage 3 wt, Granger Victory 4 wt, and Webber Professor 5 wt.

    And I might add that while I am not trying to convince you to purchse the Sage TXL 00 wt rod..after all it is the most expensive bream rod in the world...and I do want to tell you that Sage is the only one who sells 00 wt flyline, at least when I purchsed mine, and the reels are hard to come by in that is one of the most fun rods I have ever fished a dry with, be it on a trout stream or fishing for sunfish. It is such a rush when the fly lands so delicately and the fish jumps all over it. I do love mine, even though I did not really "need" it.

    catchya later,
    Doff.....aka fishing4trout

  8. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    Okay, I have 15 rods (and that is just me, my ol' man has just as many) and I use them all.
    2wt 8 1/2' Sage LL
    3wt. 6' W.w. Griggs and an 8 1/2' Scott Eclipse
    4wt. 7' Battenkill Bamboo, 7' Orvis 1 oz., 7' Trout Bum, a 8 1/2' Trident TLS mid flex 8.0 (which is for sale) and a 8 1/2' Trident TL tip flex.
    5wt. 7'5" Far and Fine, 9' Matrix, 10' TFO
    6wt. 9' T3 tip flex 9' Silver Label mid flex 7.5 and a TL 9'6" mid flex 8.0
    8wt. 10' TLS mid flex 8.0
    Yup! I use them all and I am working on getting a Loomis now.
    Favorite .......Bamboo!

  9. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    I only have 3.

    8ft 4wt for streams/rivers St.Croix

    9ft 6wt for big rivers/lakes St. Croix

    9ft 8wt for steelhead/salmon an old Brunswick

  10. Default Re: How many do you really use?

    8' 4wt Rogue / Orvis LA Battenkill Reel
    8'6" Custum Build Rod / Orvis LA Battenkill Reel
    9' Sage VPS 4wt / Galvan OB-3 Green
    9' Sage DS2 5wt / Galvan OB-3 Green
    9' 4piece 6wt Winston / Galvan OB-3 Green
    9' 4piece 8wt Echo / Galvan Torque\
    8'6" Orvis Full Flex Silver Label Orvis Rocky Mountain Reel

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