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    If I'm fishing with a 7' 4wt rod, how long should the leader/tippet be?

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    Welcome to the site. The length and weight of the rod don't have a lot ot do with length of the leader. Conditions of the water (still and clear vs rolling and muddy), sunny vs cloudy...., windy vs still...a lot of thing go into the length...a good general rule....the calmer the water, sunnier the day, spookier the fish...the longer leader you want...9' - 12'. Windy, overcast, muddy...7' - 7.5'. That's how I determine the leader length...others might have additional factors they consider. Also be sure to use the appropriate leader for the size of fly you are using - another good general rule is divide the size of fly by 3 and you have the leader size you need - ie #12 fly divided by 3 = #4 leader. good luck

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    wtex has given you good advice.

    For your 7 foot 4 weight, if you're looking for a place to start, try a 7 1/2' monofilament leader tapered to 4X and add a 2' length of tippet for changing flies.

    Carry a couple of spools of monofilament tippet in:

    4x for larger stuff like woolly buggers, streamers, panfish poppers and other flies like heavily weighted nymphs and other stuff size 12 and larger

    5x for dry flies, wet flies, and unweighted nymphs sizes 12-16,

    and a spool of 6x for smaller dry flies, wets, and nymphs, down to 18

    I think the 7 1/2 foot leader might be a bit easier to manage with a 7 foot rod, if you're just starting out. For picky trout in smooth water you may want to go with a 9' leader at some point, but the 7 1/2 should work fine to start for trout, and would be a good choice for panfish (they're a lot less picky most times).

    Hope this helps.


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    I have a 7'6" 4wt myself. In Iowa we have a lot of spring creeks and spooky fish. I use a 9' leader all the time.

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