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Thread: Jaw spreaders?

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    It's always a bit of relief to see that a pike's going to be an easy release -- many times everybody bleeds. These are my tools, Cuda jaw spreaders, Rising 9" pliers, plus a Frabill musky cradle. I've tried a Boga Grip for handling them but found that tends to cut a hole, and tried the Rising Lippas, but found you can readily break a fish's jaw with those if you don't release them when they thrash. Pike like to thrash a bit.


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    I use them on toothy critters. Much easier on me than sutures.

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    I caught many pike on the fly when I was young. I never used spreaders, just my fingers or a pair of pliers. Scars from pike teeth were a badge of courage we showed to our buddies.
    Fast forward 35 years and I now dread hooking pike. They're slimy, the slime reeks, they're poor fighters, and I definitely don't enjoy bleeding anymore. Now I discovered that if I use flies with smaller hooks in the front of the fly and no bite tippet the only pike I land are hooked in the corner of the mouth, the deep hooked ones bite me off before I can even set the hook and just spit the fly out. With barbless hooks and a little dehooking tool I don't even have to touch those slimy, smelly "slime scheisters" anymore. I may have become a little softer with age, but I'd like to think maybe I've gotten a little smarter too.
    If I was using big flies and bite tippets, like many guys do, though, I wouldn't hesitate to get myself a spreader. Gator pike will cut you deep, no need to get stitches when you can prevent it.

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